Let’s get a little real when it comes to setting the mood of your wedding at home… Music is KEY. Whether you choose to hire a DJ, set up a self-curated playlist or have some loved ones sing renditions of your favourites (this one could be interesting!), the music on your wedding day really sets the scene and enables the good times to really roll. For those with a little bit more budget, OR if your heart is set on it, a band could be the perfect way to inject the party vibe into your day. The terrific team at the Baker Boys Band are here to tell you why hiring a band for your backyard wedding is simply the best!

Header Image & Image: Lightsmith Images

There is so much more flexibility when it comes to saying “I do” at home! You can go all out and treat your loved ones to amazing entertainment. Live music adds magic to any event, but some of the best things about hiring a live band to perform in your backyard are the budget, intimacy, and an element of surprise!

Planning a wedding at home means you might have some room to splurge on the details that are most important to you and your partner. If you two are music lovers, then this is your chance to have that big band you always talked about! You and your partner can choose the perfect band size and sound. Imagine a saxophone solo floating through your own backyard.

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Hiring a live band creates a sense of togetherness for you and your guests, and when your home is the setting, it adds a different kind of intimacy. A live band will engage with your closest friends and family making the dance floor feel just like a private concert! The musicians will read the room and play the perfect tune to fit the moment.

Images: Lightsmith Images

One thing we rave about when it comes to hiring a band is having the element of surprise. We absolutely LOVE when our clients ask us to help pull off a surprise. Having an informal setting lets us fit memorable surprises into the schedule and sprinkle in some fun during the MC’s transitions. We’ve seen brides sweetly serenaded by their father with the band’s help, grooms write a personal song for their loved one, hilarious maid of honour speeches, and even a bride join the band for an epic performance on drums!

Image: Lightsmith Images

The photos attached are from a backyard wedding this past December shot by Lightsmith Images. The two brides, Amy and Jess, had an informal first dance with their daughter Addi, and then later the two hopped on stage and performed with the band!