Let me tell you a little secret… planning my wedding at home (many moons ago!) was really, really fun but it was also pretty stressful. “That’s not really a secret, Ms. Rose!” I hear you all saying! And no it’s not. I just thought I failed a little in letting the stress take over a lot of the romantic, fun planning part. And I had a think about what would have been so helpful for me to reduce stress levels and really enjoy the experience. And THIS is one of those things. A list from a number of super stylish and super “in the know” stylists and hire companies of what you simply MUST hire for your backyard wedding. If I’d had this list, I’m pretty sure I would have been done and dusted a long time before my actual wedding date (not like… only a matter of weeks before!) or had any “We should’ve hired THAT!” regret! Without further ado… Enjoy what these industry professionals have to say… 

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As Danielle from Til Death Events mentions, “With the onset of COVID, I’m finding that more and more of my couples are opting for small, intimate celebrations.  This means that hosting their weddings at home has never been more achievable! One of the biggest reasons couples opt for a venue over their home is due to the number of guests they will need to accommodate, so by cutting guest numbers considerably, they are able to confidently host an event from their backyard!”

“You absolutely need to ensure all your spaces have lighting!” says the WEC team.  “Making sure your beautiful home wedding space or backyard is lit up both help from a practical side of things (you need to see your food!) and also a vibe, ambiance and atmosphere side of things too.” And the Haus of Hera team says, “Lighting creates ambiance. It gives you the opportunity to reduce styling in other areas whilst turning your backyard from a home into a wedding venue. Fill your home with some fairy lights, or source some festoons on poles to create height in your backyard.

From On Trend Event Hire, “The number one item at a backyard wedding? Definitely candles in candle holders! Candles are the quickest way to add ambiance and a romantic feel to a wedding. Whether it’s real candles or flameless LED candles, I think this has to be the number one hire item to have at a backyard wedding.”

And Til Death Events agrees, “Another simple but effective way to add “wow” to your event is lighting.  This may be stringing festoon lights across the lawn or you may want to add some colour by incorporating some coloured uplight into your trees.”

Image via Haus of Hera

Image  by Tanya Voltchanskaya via Amy & Malen’s Colourful & Handmade Wedding In Melbourne

A WOW Moment or Feature

Haus of Hera mentions another home wedding must-have is to, “Create a WOW moment, either by putting a balloon or floral feature at your front door or invite guests through to your backyard where they will see a large scale feature or backdrop on your bar. And Til Death Events says, “As far as styling any event, it’s important to work with your surroundings. Choose a colour palette that accompanies your home or landscape so you don’t need to go overboard with styling and florals.  I always say that one or two feature spaces really make any event POP and your guests will definitely remember!”

Image by Megan Kelly via Haus of Hera

On Trend Event Hire suggests, “A backdrop or arbor definitely. The couple can get married in front of a mesh screen with flowers or between some beautiful flower towers. Then once the reception begins, it makes a great photo backdrop for your guests. These are so versatile and cost-effective as they can have multiple uses!”

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Image  by Tanya Voltchanskaya via Amy & Malen’s Colourful & Handmade Wedding In Melbourne

Image: Just for Love Photography

Glamorous Touches

The team at Enchanted Emporium suggests vintage Americana chairs and gold cutlery add a glamorous, special touch to your wedding day styling. “When you’re looking to add that vintage touch for your wedding ceremony or reception, but you don’t want to go heavy on the details, our Vintage Americana chairs are the perfect accessory to set the scene for your home wedding by adding a subtle hint of formal, while still keeping the dining space comfortable and inviting to your guests. A home wedding is the perfect setting for a gold cutlery range. When you want to add a touch of bling and have that formal affair feel, these are the perfect item to complement your decor styling.”

Images via Enchanted Emporium

Practicality Makes the Day!

The Wedding and Event Creators bring the practical side to hiring for your big day at home. “Bins. Yes – a boring item, but very practical! Often people only have one main large bin at their home so having a few smaller black event bins is good to dot around for empty bottles and napkins!
And the Duo Events team couldn’t agree more, “Waste management! Organise a few solo bins to deal with the bottles, cartoons, and general waste. No one wants the family to be going to the tip after the wedding or having weeks of rubbish piled up!”

Til Death Events suggests “a possible marquee if you’re getting married during a rainy time of year.  The last thing you want is your guests huddling under a small undercover area! There are some beautiful structures available for hire that won’t ruin your aesthetic but will keep your guests dry.”

And for the super practical side of things, Duo Events says to be sure to hire a generator as there are many elements to run like lighting, catering, and music, and even possibly a coolroom. This is another terrific hire item as it is a must for beverages and possibly for flowers.

Bring the Bathroom Luxury

And last but certainly NOT least… think bathrooms for your guests. The Duo Events team says, “The key items an at-home wedding can’t do without is luxury loos! Make sure there are toilets for both males and females and are accessible. Ideally, that are not part of the house!”

Til Death Events agrees that thinking of those extra elements a venue would provide such as sufficient bathrooms for your guests, and The Wedding and Event Creators go one step further by adding that toilet paper is a must to remember. When hiring toilet facilities for your guests be sure to add all toiletries including toilet paper!

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