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There’s so much happiness on a wedding day and Jess of JWall Visuals captures the emotions of the day so perfectly. How can you not love the happy smile and anticipation of the bride as she awaits her turn to walk down the aisle? The groom’s excitement and emotion as he sees his bride, the quiet serenity of a couple on a dusty country road walking towards the setting sun. The wonder of a wedding day no matter where it is, how many guests you have or whether it is affected by factors beyond your control – it is all magic and deserves to be preserved in film and images that will bring back memories in the years to come. And Jess does that in a sensitive and joyful way!

We asked Jess of JWall Visuals five questions in five minutes:

Weddings are the best to work on because….

Everyone is always happy, you just can’t be mad at a wedding.

What is something people would be surprised to know about your job or something that challenges you about your job?

Being a female in a male dominated industry can be hard especially on the muscles. Leading up to the wedding season I really have to wok on my upper body to ensure I have the stamina to film all day weekend after weekend.

What is it about the creative process that you most enjoy?

My favourite part of the job is editing and piecing together your special video, I especially love that perfect slow mo shot of you having your best day.

What are you hilariously bad at?

My concentration face! Definitely not a pretty one, lucky I’m behind the camera.

When you were small what did you dream of being and where have those dreams taken you? When I was a kid I never liked being told what to do so becoming my own boss was very fitting.

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