While this test tube floral vase may be a little fiddly to piece together, the way it holds flowers is absolutely divine and worth the effort! Adding extra lightness and texture to your table, you can fill the individual tubes with airy blooms, or sweet foliage. While delicate, we absolutely adore them!

What You Will Need:

– Test tubes! The more the merrier, and for the vase to stand up securely, you’ll need a minimum of ten. Choose test tubes that have a straight side and no lip at the top.

–  Superglue or epoxy resin (we’ve used super glue which is more brittle).

Step 1. 

Making sure you follow the instructions on the super glue packet, lay down some paper or cardboard to catch any drips – super glue or epoxy resin is no joke! Ensure the test tube are all clean as a whistle and dry. The superglue will stick and hold immediately, so don’t rush the process. Stand one tube up on its top, and run a very fine line of glue along the side, leaving the top and bottom a few centimeters clear. Carefully and firmly place the second tube up against the line of glue, and hold for a few seconds.

Step 2. 

Continue to use the same process, but rotate the tubes slightly, so you are creating an arc of test tubes, rather than a straight line. You need a half circle type arc so that the test tube vase will be strong enough to stand up of its own accord. Once finished, leave to dry, and handle carefully. Flowers best used in a vase like this are light and airy, without being top-heavy, such as cosmos, baby’s breath, grasses and pods, astilbe, nigella – the list goes on!