“It feels as though Steph and I have this beautiful little world around us, that follows us wherever we go. No matter what happens in the outside world, we’re always in here together, and we always have each other to come home to.”

If there is a reason we share engagement sessions every week, it is because words like this, from Mike about his love for Steph, are chicken soup for the soul. These are the stories we want to tell, the bonds we want to reflect on, the beginnings that are so very important.

Steph and Mike joined photographer Matt Elliot at the beautiful Mount Martha venue The Briars for their engagement session.  “There’s something super magical about that ‘Golden Hour’ and I’ve always found that beautiful hazy lighting so beautiful,” remarks Steph, and I think you’ll agree, the magic certainly is apparent in every photo (and the gorgeous film! scroll on for that one!).

The couple’s relationship bloomed, though not quite as quickly as love at first sight, admits the bride to be “We had met really briefly through mutual friends of ours at a gig that Mike’s band was playing, but we didn’t start dating until a few years later.”

These two love the setting sun just as much as us! “We wanted something relaxed, earthy-toned & pretty simple. We’re really casual people and it was important for our photos to reflect that. These photos would be used for our Save The Dates, and so we needed something that was going to set the tone for the wedding day as well.  The fact that Matt was able to capture it so perfectly is something really special.”

On her love for Mike, Steph shares “I love that even on the hardest days, Mike never fails makes me laugh. I could have had the worst day at work, missed a deadline, had a terrible meeting – it doesn’t matter. I know as soon as I walk through the door he’s going lift my energy with a joke, or a stupid song, and usually a big glass of wine too which never hurts!”

It was while Mike was Christmas shopping, that he stumbled something extra special for Steph, recalls the bride to be. “Mike was shopping for my Christmas present, but instead found the perfect engagement ring (which I am just head-over-heels in love with and shocked he picked himself!) We had planned to visit Mike’s dad & his family at their farm in South Gippsland just after Christmas, which is where we spent a few nights camping when we first started dating.
Mike was able to lure me out of the house just long enough in the scorching December heat to take me to the paddock where we had camped, and very romantically got down on one knee and the rest is a blur for me! I just remember being really excited, and then shocked, and then back to excited.”