The struggle of 2020 was brutal for the wedding industry, and yet, so might delight overcame out of it too. One such gem? The collection from designer Prea James.

Entitled, aptly “In The Midst” Prea’s fifth made to order collection brings to life 10 brand new gowns, and four separates designed to mix and match.

The “Amelie” gown, one of our favourites, a fluted skirt and puff sleeve made all the more stunning with it’s unique burnout fabric. “Frankie” another beauty with sleeves that feature a circle hem, casting their own special statement.

And the fabrication is special too, a beautiful embroidery one of the feature choices, a collaboration between Prea and a Parisian textile designer, featuring Australian native flora. Reasons why the “Matilda” gown tops our list of favourites!

The ability to customise? There’s plenty to choose from. Add the “Ana” detachable sleeves, top your dress with the “Mia” mesh top, pair the “Zoee” pantsuit with the “Callie” top or choose another. This is a collection, that because simple, modern design is at its core, works however you dream it too.

Prea sharing of her inspiration “This year, I think for many of us, we have been forced to really reflect on what is truly important to us. I felt it made me consider on a deeper level what is truly important to me as a mother, a daughter, a friend and the direction I wanted the brand to continue in.”

“In the Midst has many meanings to me, it sums up the mood throughout these unprecedented times in 2020, yet there is still an energy of hope” notes Prea. “I felt a sense of unity with people coming together to fight for change. There was also a deeper appreciation for family and loved ones during a time where we weren’t able to see our family. As if in the midst of it all we realised what was truly important.”

“In The Midst” is available from the Prea James stockists. Find your closest here.