“We wanted a small, intimate and ‘full of love’ wedding,” admits today’s bride Emily. “Just us and our closest friends and family. We didn’t want all the fuss and activity of a big wedding, we wanted something that felt like us.”

And if there is anything that the long drawn out process of COVID’s effects on weddings has taught us, it’s that designing a wedding that feels like you? The MOST important.

Lives on Love Street captured the micro wedding of Emily and Gopen, which was planned quickly, held intimately, and went perfectly. Says Emily “After being engaged for a year, and covid prolonging all our plans to go to India to prepare a wedding, it was only in November that we decided we didn’t want to wait any longer and just wanted to be married. We got all the legal paperwork in hours from the 1-month prior deadline. It was a whirlwind experience !”

It was at that teenage tradition – working at a fast-food restaurant, that Emily and Gopen first crossed paths with one another, Emily shares the tale. “We met when we both worked in Hungry Jacks in a small country town called Muswellbrook in NSW. Gopen had come all the way from India and managed to end up in Muswellbrook where I grew up. After a couple of shifts together we were close friends, after a couple of months we finally had our first kiss, and seven years later finally married.”

The couple chose a ceremony, completely organised and hosted by Registry Weddings. They followed it up with a  celebratory dinner with their wedding party and a few extra special guests at Kasba Indian Restaurant. Says Emily “Registry Style Weddings had a small chapel on the 8th floor of St Kilda Towers that was small, modern and beautiful.”

Emily and Gopen walked down the aisle together. “We didn’t know what music we wanted so we simply asked the chapel to choose, it was a lovely traditional wedding march.

We were late of course! About half an hour so. I was all ready on time and 5 minutes before we were meant to leave Gopen was in his underwear talking to his parents on skype! I yelled at him to get in the shower. Even though we left in separate cars we left at the same time. Due to our taking a different route I ended up the last one there! It looked like it was all my fault, I love teasing Gopen about it.”

Of their ceremony, Emily shares “We wanted it to reflect us and talk about our lives together, to include our fur kitties, stories of how we first met and the funny and loving things we adore about each other.”

Emily found her gown online at JJShouse. “I bought my dress online at JJ’s House. I was looking through the website one night and found this gorgeous Ivory A-Line Scoop Neck Asymmetrical Satin Wedding dress (WITH POCKETS!) on sale! I couldn’t resist, quickly took my measurements and bought the dress. It arrived the week before the wedding and fit perfectly! With Gopen, we had the decision between wearing a traditional Indian wedding attire or a more Aussie style attire. Ultimately it was Gopen’s decision and he wanted to embrace the modern look and chose a traditional look suit from Uniqlo.

Of their photographer, Emily and Gopen share this rave review. “Reuben was our photographer and he did everything possible to get all the photos we wanted, it was his direction that got us some of our favourite shots, and his ability to slip in and take photos without us realising to get some unexpectedly beautiful shots. Kelly took so many little videos that made up our beautiful wedding video, we were super surprised that little things such as our guests laughing, us walking up the stairs etc made such a beautiful and lasting impression of the day.”

Emily carried a bouquet she had made at the very last minute by Bacchus Marsh Florist. “I debated getting my own flowers or using the chapel flowers, less than a week before the wedding I decided I wanted my own bouquet and ducked down to Bacchus Marsh Florist who happily jumped in and made me a beautiful bouquet.”


As with everything about this wedding, even the wedding party was low key, explains Emily “My best friend, who’s been like a sister to me, Zymone was (while not officially a bridesmaid) was the only person I wanted in my wedding party. She drove me there, kept me calm, did my dress checks, was my witness, took the pins out of my hair at the reception, and made sure I had everything I could have wanted and more. I can not be more grateful for her.
Gopen was luckily supported by Zymone’s partner and his friend Bryce, as well as another close friend GB, who was Gopen’s witness. They took him out for his bachelor party, celebrated with him, and jumped on board with our whirlwind wedding.”


Yet to walk down the aisle? Emily gives you this advice. “Make it about you and your partner, big wedding or small wedding, make sure it’s filled with little bits of you both, and don’t worry about what anyone else wants or thinks. It’s about you, and everyone will jump on board and love it at the end.” She admits “Having it all over and done with was my favourite part, everybody stepped up and helped us, wedding planning was not my favourite part of the wedding and everyone got me through it.”

Lives on Love Street also captured this wedding day film for Emily and Gopen.

We are so delighted to be able to share weddings of all sizes, of all the fun on Polka Dot Wedding. Thank you to Emily and Gopen for sharing yours! Thanks also to Lives on Love Street for today’s images.