When it comes to cocktails for The Industrial Issue, we knew we needed something modern, something that packed a punch, something you’d drink while out in the city. And well, today’s gin cold drip espresso cocktail completely fits the bill.

Now, if I had to make a cocktail that’s summed up with utterly hipster vibes, I think this is it. It’s got coffee, it’s got gin, and my goodness is it delicious. Traditionally, the espresso martini is vodka-based but we have plenty of those in our wheelhouse, and switching vodka for gin gives this one an extra something special. If you choose a gin that is strong in botanicals, they’ll hold up to the rich espresso notes.

Now coffee, you’re always going to need your shot of good coffee for this one, but we decided to go full Melbourne mode and use a cold drip version (First Press was our choice today!) as it really has a huge depth of flavour and goes down a treat ice cold. Just make sure you use good coffee so you get nice foam when you shake. Finally? The coffee liqueur. Again, we switched out the traditional Kahlua for our long time favourite, Australian made, cold brew Mr Black.

Want to know the best time to serve up an espresso martini at your wedding? For starters – a breakfast wedding calls for this tipple, but I also love it as a dance floor tempter, served after 10 pm to make sure your dancing lasts until dawn!


  • 20ml gin
  • 20ml cold drip coffee
  • 20ml coffee liqueur
  • Ice
  • Coffee beans or shaved chocolate for garnish


  1. In a cocktail shaker, combine gin, gold drip code and coffee liqueur.
  2. Shake until well combined and cold.
  3. Pour into your cocktail glass
  4. Garnish with coffee beans or shaved chocolate