“Life is so much brighter now we have each other! Whether it is a stressful day at work, taking care of the cats, having a beer at the pub we always make each other smile.”

I dare you not to be completely smitten with today’s loved up duo- Helen and James. I’m not sure if it’s the golden sunset that is winning me over or the utter romance, it could be Helen’s amazing glittering pink dress or the fact that the wind only adds to the photographs, captured by Jessica Abby Photography. Something about Helen and James story is utterly beautiful and utterly authentic, and that’s the kind of story that needs to fill our pages.

It all especially comes together when you hear how these two met, a secret setup, says Helen. “We were secretly set up by James’ best friend and best man! I lived with him during uni, and when we both became single he made it happen!” Fingers crossed these two have a smooth sail to wedding date #2 (thanks COVID-19!0 in March 2021!

And ironically, while the two were secretly convinced into meeting, the secret proposal was almost revealed, admits Helen, “I nearly spoilt it two nights before when we went out for dinner, and I kept teasing James saying he would be too chicken to propose. So two days later, he did it at home before driving to spend Christmas with my family so that I could celebrate with them in person.”

“James kept the relationship secret from his family for the first few months, and when they found out his partner’s name was Helen they all suspected me of being 20 years older than him.”