Happy Monday Dotties! We’re enjoying the last days of summer and trying to cram in last of the summer activities – fish and chips on the beach anyone?

How do you know which of the vendors to choose for your wedding? Choose a few in each category and make contact with them, meet them and get to know them! Take a look at our Polka Dot Directory to plan your wedding and choose the best vendors from Photography to Entertainment, we have Pre Marriage Services and Celebrants – we even have Accommodation and Accessories.

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When you decide to tie the knot one of the really important decisions to make is whether a cinematographer is ‘really necessary’ when the budget is tight. Time and again here at Polka Dot Wedding we see the comment “We regret not booking a videographer”. And when you see the films that the team at Marry Me Movies produces, you understand the reasons. Wide panoramic shots of the landscape, trees in rustling in the wind, the waves crashing and the looks of anticipation on the couples’ faces as they get ready to the ceremony and celebrations afterwards. Films add another perspective to your day, and along with the photographs that this team can also take,  will give you the complete package of this most important of events in your life.

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