What I love most about engagements, love stories (and weddings for that matter) is that they mark a moment in time. Whether that’s because of the trends we incorporate (puffy sleeves and taffeta!) or simply what was going on in the world. This is where Cindy and Peter found themselves one sunny New Years Eve in Sydney.

With  Lana Nova behind the camera, the couple, who had travelled from Texas, USA wanted to commemorate not only their trip to Sydney but their love story. And if there could be a more beautiful way to mark a moment, I’d like to see it, because this one is pretty special!

It was during their training to be doctors, that these two met, remembers Cindy “We met playing hooky from our medical internships at the hospital. I asked the interns if anyone wanted to skip clinic, and go to breakfast instead. Peter was the only one that said yes”. The pair fell for each other over burgers. “Our first date was at a fast-food restaurant in Texas called Whataburger” and then? “It was my turn to say yes when Peter proposed on a hot air balloon ride in Napa Valley.”

“I love Cindy’s zest for life,” tells Peter, continuing “I love how adventurous she is, how she is loyal and kind to all those around her.”

On Peter, Cindy shares “I love how Peter has so much goodness in his heart, how I can hear his bellowing laugh from across the room, and how people just gravitate to him.”