If you ever questioned just how beautiful red can be in wedding styling, then let today’s glam editorial remove every part of your doubt.

Set at the beautiful Sydney venue Beta Events, this session, filled with red and blush roses, candlelight, the combination luxurious, but also warm, and more than a little inviting.

It was all the dream of floral designer and stylist Madeline Anne who was inspired to create a shoot with a rich, bold red and right contrasts. A shoot that paid homage to the historic architecture of the space, but bridged the gap to modern, contemporary design.

Madeline, who enlisted Gui Jorge to capture every detail, also chose model Hannah Allenby to take centre stage. Hannah dressed in a dreamy Sant Elia gown with embellished shoes from The White Collection. Her look finished with soft and romantic hair and makeup by stylist Emma McGill.

“For me, the luxury and grandeur is in the venue space and the attire.” says Madeline “The floral designs featured roses and orchids en-masse, allowing the beauty, awe and drama of these luxe blooms to take centre stage”. Madeline choosing ceremony stands from Reso & Co to adorn with red and blush roses, and grand white orchids as the ceremony backdrop.

As the team moved onto the reception on turquoise carpenter a long table from Simply Seated was set with pieces by Simply Seated and Madeline Anne. White linens contrasting with gold metal chairs, blush taper candles, and white crockery.

Says Madeline “I just love a venue that sings for itself!  The beauty of the venue and the way it has preserved & elevated/refurbished to accentuate its historic features, bringing the richness of the old to the forefront & celebrating it in a fresh, bold and modern way.”