Red is often called the colour of passion, so what better moment to revel in red than the culmination of your life’s love, on your wedding day? Here are three ways to incorporate some red in a tasteful, timeless and enduring way. 

Ties and Pocket Squares

When it comes to wearing red in your wedding look, a tie is the most obvious (and risky) option. A red tie has come to represent power in business and politics, so it can easily descend into an overly gaudy, ostentatious play if the wrong red tie is chosen.

Our tip: avoid block red ties in shiny silk. These are the ones you’re likely to see on nightly news broadcasts or in cheesy high school formal photos from the 90s. Instead, opt for more textured, elegant options, like a knitted tie or a rough woollen tie. These will add layers and depth to your overall look, rather than becoming a showy centrepiece.

When it comes to a pocket square, a little shine can be acceptable, but you should try to choose something that complements your overall look, rather than stands out from it. Whether that’s a textured dark red handkerchief in cotton or wool, or a silk pocket square that incorporates a pop of red in a paisley pattern, a little colour goes a long way.


A red suit is the ultimate power move, but it doesn’t have to be unachievable. If you’ve got the confidence to go for it, you’re halfway there. Our favourite choices at Institchu are those fabrics with a bit of texture, like cotton or linen, though even wool and silk (or blends) can work, if the cut of the suit and the details are perfect.

The biggest rule for opting for a red suit comes to the other choices – keep everything else neutral, and let the suit be the only statement. Shoes, shirt, tie, pocket square – keep it to a very simple and restrained palette. And, of course, get your partner’s approval – the attire, accessories and overall theme of the wedding need to be similarly restrained.


Unless you’re appearing at the MTV Music Awards, avoid bright red shirts of any style. Instead, try to lean on subtle patterns and shades that add texture and vibrancy to your look. Faint pinstripes, gingham checks, or even light shades of red in linen or cotton will work, and will complement most navy and cream colour schemes. Just remember to make it work with the bridal party as a whole – if the bridesmaids are wearing green, it will probably clash. 

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Ms Floral Says: Loving these tips on how to tastefully incorporate shades and textures of red into your wedding day. Thanks, team inStitchu!

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