Nothing gets me excited like a bride who dares to choose a splash of colour for her big day. Red is joyful – I love it! – and in its many shades, it creates a variety of different moods depending on its depth and use.

There is a definite trend for brides to wear colour which is high impact and has a significant wow factor. If you’re more on the traditional side and want to keep to ivory or natural white for your own attire, then a pop of red as flowers, shoes, jewels or in the bridal party styling can be really effective. Choosing to dress your bridal party in red can mean they form a gorgeous background for you to really shine, and layering the red with pink or orange tones gives the look an extra pop!

Images: Maple and June / Flowers: Hermetica Flowers

There is a shade of red to suit every complexion. If you have cool undertones, you’ll look great in a blue-based red; a bright red or a cerise, pink-toned red. If you have warm undertones then a yellow-based red is for you; this would be a fire engine red or burgundy, brown-toned red. Choosing a shade that gives you a healthy glow means you’re on the right track. A great tip for choosing the correct shade of red for you is to stand in front of a mirror with good lighting, pulling your hair back whilst wearing minimal makeup, and holding up some shades to compare the different tones against your colouring. 

Image: Margan Photography

If you’re a mother of the bride or groom, have a chat with the couple and make sure they’re happy for you to wear red before organising your outfit. Bright red can pop in photos, and while this is lovely, it’s best to check with the couple first to make sure it’s going to tone in with and compliment the bridal party. You will be part of the group photos, so it is always wise to consider the overall look. Why not consider a print? A beautiful floral silk could have red featured throughout that has a softer look than a block colour. Another way to tone down a vibrant red is by layering a sheer red lace or tulle over a nude or navy so as to tone it down a little. 

If red is a colour you love, or if it has a sentimental or cultural meaning to you, I would highly recommend including it in the styling of your wedding.

Header image by Margan Photography

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