Pop that champagne cork because today, we’re toasting to The Red Issue with The Red Party!

And while this coincidence seems too good to be true, that some of the industry’s favourite party people would celebrate each other with a colour theme party, just as we were doing,  we can assure you, we’re just about as excited about the magic of this synchronicity as you!

So if you’re dreaming of using red in your wedding day, and want a bucketload of modern ideas? Today’s red party is going to be right up your alley.

A clear marquee at country venue Mewburn Park set the scene, while Ben of Botany Green dreamed up the magic to bring to life local wedding pros for a night of celebration.

Styling the venue together with sister business Art Nouveau Styling, Ben was inspired by “the opportunity to express myself in a way that we don’t get the chance to with day to day weddings. No one really says, go wild, do your thing to your extremes. This was an opportunity to be extra and be as creative as we wanted to. ”

Captured today by Lili & Pearl from the sparkling silver and red tinsel backdrop (just the ticket for those late night selfies) to disco balls and plastic crates, watermelon and pink pipes, painted leaves and plastic sheets. This was a concept that from the very first sign of scarlet a welcome sign created by Elle’s Quirky Designs to an epic feast for the guests catered by Duart Homestead made modern magic. And each idea? Just as translatable to a wedding!

Says Ben “The whole concept of the event was to introduce wedding vendors to each other, network businesses and get to see vendors that we may pass the baton and run on a wedding day, but never actually get to catch up and have a wild time together, believe me, it was what we all needed.”

We’re ALL for the community over competition, so if you’re anything like us, you can’t wait to score an invite to the next one!