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Even with a pandemic trying its hardest to keep people apart, couples in 2020, more than ever before, have proven that love can not be canceled and have still managed to find ways to celebrate a day that some have been dreaming of for years!

There has been a definite shift in the style of weddings—social distancing measures, travel bans and restrictions on guest numbers have meant that many couples who were planning a grand celebration, have had to adjust their original plans. Opting for smaller, more intimate ceremonies and even elopements to ensure they can still tie the knot. Regardless of how your wedding day might have changed though, the one thing that will ensure it’s still a celebration to remember is LIVE MUSIC!

We may be biased, but we think one of the best parts of your ceremony and reception is the atmosphere that is created with live music. It is one thing to have a great playlist lined up with your favourite songs, but live music featuring duos and small bands take the experience to a whole new level. If you’re planning your intimate wedding or elopement and are looking to level up the celebration, we’re here to help!


Elopements have become quite popular over the past year due to venue capacities and guest numbers being cut down, and elopements will only become more common in the coming years. With limited styling needed, couples often opt for locations such as parks and beaches that provide a natural backdrop for their ceremony location. Elopements are great for those wanting to share their nuptials with one another in a quiet setting and it creates the perfect opportunity to add the complement of beautiful ceremony music to accompany you.

Our couples who have opted to elope have loved the addition of a simple and serene solo guitarist vocalist, or the elegance of a delicate and nuanced string duo, The moment you say “I do” is beautiful and emotional and being able to have music to match turns that beautiful moment into an unforgettable memory.

Image: Russell Stratford Photography

Intimate Weddings

Intimate weddings usually consist of 10 to 20 of your closest family and friends and have allowed couples to get creative on where to tie the knot and celebrate post-ceremony! While some opt for an official ceremony and reception venue, others love to keep it personal and familiar with a backyard celebration followed by a small lunch in the same space, or a dinner at a nearby restaurant.

If you’re looking to create the perfect atmosphere for you and your guests, our acoustic duos are guaranteed to fill your intimate wedding with a musical performance you’ll cherish for a lifetime. One of the things that we love to do (and feel is incredibly important in creating a song list that is uniquely your own) is to get to know our couples and how they want to feel on their wedding day. 

There is a sincere emotion behind each song that we play, so whether you are wanting to have something to match the happy tears as you walk down the aisle towards your forever person, or something a bit more upbeat while your guests are enjoying a drink and a bite to eat, we’ve got you covered.  

Choosing music is one of the most personal decisions of the wedding planning process and we want to make sure every couple is perfectly matched to the very best musicians. Getting to know them and their musical preferences is our key to providing great, live acoustic music on the perfect wedding day.

Image: Russell Stratford Photography

Small Weddings

For couples looking for a guest list that includes a few more attendees (up to 50 guests,) taking that acoustic duo and expanding them into a small band is a great way to keep the party going into the night! 

We love being able to create a fun experience for you and every one of your guests, and with the addition of a few more musicians or a DJ to kick off the night and open up the dance floor—there is no doubt you will boogie the night away making it one  to remember for years to come! You’ve probably been to a wedding or two where the music didn’t seem to match the vibe or was lulling you into an early bedtime rather than making you want to get out on the dance floor and show off your moves (don’t worry, we won’t tell anybody). We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen!

If you’re ready to toss the playlist to the side and take your wedding day music to the next level, consider having live music at your elopement or smaller, more intimate ceremony!

Ms Floral Says: Oh how I love live music! Thanks for these wonderful tips about including it in smaller weddings!

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