There are reasons the Scenic Rim is considered one of the most beautiful places in the country. And when it came time for a celebration of their engagement, the pair wanted nothing more than the peace and quiet of the bush. Says Rani “We wanted to be surrounded by nature – we love the outdoors and going on adventures so running around the fields and dirt roads were the best thing for us!”

Rani and Levi were joined by the ever-talented George Bowden for an afternoon in the country, and I think you will agree, this is one that really pays homage to the beautiful Scenic Rim!

And while it was not love at first sight for the pair, when they finally realised what was in front of them, they became inseparable. “We met at church. We actually got introduced back in 2016 but never paid any attention to each other. We served on the youth team as well but it wasn’t until the start of 2018 that we really started talking and the rest is history!”

Levi cheekily piggybacked on Rani’s anniversary dinner plans, using them as an excuse to pop the question. “A few weeks before the proposal, I had just received a promotion from my job and it was our anniversary around that time too” explains Rani. “This year, I planned a surprise for our anniversary so Levi used the “Let me take you out for dinner to celebrate your promotion and because I want to take you out as a late anniversary dinner,” excuse – which worked but I had a feeling it wasn’t just “dinner.”

The proposal was not at all how he imagined it. There was light rain as we walked to the spot and as he got down on one knee, the rain POURED and we got soaked. As in, jumped into the ocean fully clothed and walked out, type of soaked. Time stood still and all I could see at the moment was him down on one knee, looking up at me while he said his little speech (which I could barely hear over the pounding of my heart and all the things running through my head). And I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

On Rani, Levi says “I feel at home when I’m with her, she makes me a better person and brings out the best in me. She has such a big heart and that’s one of the many qualities that make her my better half.”

The pair share many happy memories, and this one is one of their favourites, remembers Levi “A few months before we started getting to know each other, Rani hopped into my car when she was leaving McDonald’s after a night at youth (I had just bought a new car a few days before and she seemed to notice it) and asked if I could drive around the car park (weird, I know). As she went to hop out, she almost hit the car next to us with the door and I remember thinking “I’m never talking to this chick again.”

Thinking about it now, she’s the type of person who is straightforward, outgoing and extremely random so this wasn’t something out of the ordinary for her to ask. It’s just funny to think back now because the person I told myself I’d never talk to again is the person I’m marrying in a few months haha.”

“Levi is the kindest and most patient person I’ve ever met (a bit biased but people like him are hard to come by)” laughs Rani, ” He always puts others first and is a friend to everyone. I love that I get to love him and that I get to spend the rest of my life with someone as loving and as kind as him.”