Ther is nothing quite like starting your week with beautiful wedding day fashion and today’s release, the brand new “Botanica” collection from US designer Alexandra Grecco is just the kind of thing that is going to kick your week off to an absolutely shining start.

Inspired by, aptly, all things floral, this collection combines beautiful feminine detail with chic sophisticated styling. In the team’s own words “flowers often bloom in the midst of wild and seemingly unfavourable surroundings. They offer the world their brilliance, while also uplifting spirits with their poise and unwavering presence. It’s the enduring nature of their captivating beauty that can offer us serenity when we need it most.”

This is a collection that is for modern lovers, including sparkling jumpsuits (the one above, Aster, clearly our favourite, lock that one in for your walk down the aisle pretty please). “Azalea” features stunning beaded floral detail just the ticket for an elegant garden wedding, while a piece like “Lotus” with her modern slip styling, is just the ticket for lovers on on-trend simplicity.

Fabrics like silk crepes (in two different finishes, both matin and satin) silk lamé that twinkles and glows as it catches the light. There is beautiful floral embroidery, all done by hand.  Alongside the gowns, are beautiful floral adorned veils, belts and capes, encouraging, if not demanding you customise your gown to suit exactly what you dream of.

Also of note, is the brand’s commitment to inclusivity – they’re offering up their shop samples to their retailer’s samples in sizing 16 and up, even offering up special incentives to make sure brides can try on gowns in their own size, not ten sizes too small.  The underlays are customisable in different skin-toned shades, to allow brides of different colours to find a match to their own skin, These steps are small. but are surprisingly rather significant in fashion, let along wedding day fashion and so for that, we’re in full support.

Alexandra Grecco is available in Australia at Hope x Page and The Bride Lab.