5 Cool Ways To Involve Your Guests In Your Wedding Ceremony

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Dorothy O'Brien

Image by AM For Love Studio via Sarah & Mathew’s Offbeat & Bright Bayside Wedding

You’ve done a lot of planning to make your wedding day special – to make it a true reflection of you as a couple. You want your personalities, your passions, and your love to shine through. And, after the ceremony, you and your guests are going to celebrate and party! Right??

But what about the ceremony? You’ve invited family and friends –  everyone that is special in your lives. They’re all going to be there to show their love and support… by sitting quietly and… listening?!

Why not involve them in the ceremony, and give them something to actually do? Good idea? And it’s not at all difficult. Just watch and feel the warmth spread through your guests as you acknowledge them as a special part of your day, by asking them to be involved. Sounds tricky? It’s not. Here are some simple suggestions which can be tailored to reflect each couple individually.

1. Ring Warming

There are lots of ways that this can be done, but here I’ll let you in on two:

  • Start with the wedding rings in a little bag (silk, organza, anything that looks and feels nice). Get the celebrant to speak a little about how important the love and support of all the guests is, then ask them to pass the bag around during the ceremony, bestowing love and best wishes for the future happiness of the couple. The rings eventually make their way back to the front (have someone in charge of this) warmed by the love, blessings and good wishes of all the invited guests.
  • Have the rings in a bag/box/container, with a note for all to see as they arrive. Ask guests to place their hand on the rings, warming them with their love and good wishes.

Put someone in charge of bringing the rings down for the exchange of rings, and the celebrant can say something personal about what this means to the couple.

Image by Red Berry Photography via Chrisa & Pary’s Elegant Coastal Beach Wedding

2. Pledge to Enjoy

After the serious stuff, you’re all going to party! Why not make that part of the ceremony by including a “Pledge to Enjoy”? Usually early on in the ceremony, everyone is asked to stand, hold up their right hand and make the first vow. This would be written to reflect the couple, but would generally go along the lines of promising to love and support the couple, have a great night, talk to everyone, have a drink (or two), dance the night away, and go home with beautiful memories.

Image by Christopher Robert via Alysha & Matt’s Elegant Waterfront Estate Wedding

3. Keepsake Tokens

Along the lines of the ring warming, guests collect a token on their way in. They are asked to hold, it and warm it with love and best wishes for the couple.

As they leave, they place the tokens in a designated spot – a jar, pretty box, etc,  as a keepsake for the couple.

Spotlight stores have some really cute decorative wooden hearts, which are ideal for the purpose, or you could source pretty stone, shells, or anything which takes your fancy.

The meaning of this gesture can be personalised and spoken about during the ceremony.

Image by Tay Bassi Creative via Nat & Callum’s Boho Inspired South Australian Farm Wedding

Rose Petals

4. Throw Rose Petals

We all want to be environmentally friendly these days. Especially when we throw stuff! Right? So instead of confetti, why not give each guests little organza bags filled with rose petals? These can be used at the end of the ceremony, to shower the happy couple with, as they walk back down the

aisle/path. It also makes for a great photo shoot!

Image by Lauren Anne Photography via Brie & Gem’s Modern Country Wedding At Stanley Park

5. Blessing From Guests

Blessings don’t just come from  the parents, all your guests can be asked to bestow a blessing for the future happiness of the newly married couple.

Guests are asked to support, share their love, stories and advice – this should be written to reflect the style and personality of the couple.

Matt & Katie Photographers via Catherine & James’ Laidback Country Wedding

Well, I hope these ideas get you thinking of ways in which you can involve your guests in your wedding ceremony, and make your day a true reflection of you and your Love. Don’t let your guests just sit there, let them know how important they are to you, and get them involved! Happy Wedding Day.

Ms Floral Says: Such fun and simple ways to get your guests in on the celebrations! What an easy way to create a joyous and inclusive vibe. Thanks for sharing this with us, Dorothy!

About Dorothy O’Brien: As a former teacher and education leader, I’ve led hundreds of ceremonies and celebrations through the years. I’ve raised toasts to rooms full of tears and fits of laughter, and been a safe pair of hands to coordinate ceremonies large and small.

My passion for helping people celebrate their milestones remains stronger than ever in my career as an authorised celebrant.

I’m here to listen and I love love stories of every kind. I’ll get to know you and weave your story, your style and your values into every part of your celebration. Whether your taste is traditional, quirky, or something in between, we can work together to design your ultimate celebration.

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    I cannot recommend Dorothy O’Brien highly enough. Due to numerous extending circumstances we needed to bring our daughters wedding forward with very little warning. It wasn’t the wedding that was planned but it was filled with love and focussed on the most important aspects. Dorothy put herself out to change all previous plans and accommodate the new arrangements with no fuss and good grace. Thank you Dorothy

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