Research & Choose the Right Photographer

Nailing beautiful, relaxed and candid wedding photos starts with finding an awesome chilled photographer who offers that style of photography. Hint: Not everyone does! Some photographers get pretty stuck in their ways and will have you awkwardly posing over and over again, which gets boring fast. Be sure to research; check out full galleries, read reviews, to find someone who can offer a more natural and candid approach.

Meet Your Photographer

Once you’ve found a photographer who’s style you love, it can be tempting to send through a deposit, sign the contract and lock them in. Sweet! BUT… It’s a really great idea to meet with them first. Your photographer will be the only vendor who will be with you usually for the whole day. Finding someone you feel relaxed with and can vibe with will definitely result in more natural looking photos. And meeting is a good way to find out how they operate. Will they give you time to chill as newlyweds? Will they have fun with you and prompt some great photos? Do they know how to ninja, hide behind bushes, lay on the ground or climb a tree to get you that awesome candid angle? This is your chance to find out!

Have an Engagement Shoot

This is SUCH a great way to make sure your photos will be as natural as possible on the day. You get together with your photographer and get to know each other a better. Your photographer should be able to figure out how much guidance you may want on the day, and give you lots of little hints and tips to keep you looking natural, candid, and gorgeous in your photos! Some photographers offer this as part of your package and some as an add-on.

Timeline For The Day

When planning out your timeline, don’t try to squeeze too much in! The more relaxed your timeline is, the more relaxed you’ll be and it’ll show in your photos. For every event, add on 15 minutes longer than you expect it will take, to allow for things running overtime. Keep your locations for photos to a minimum. Instead, slow down and enjoy hanging as newly weds with your wedding crew (if you’re having one), have a drink, some snacks, and enjoy.

Carefully Consider The Venue

Choose somewhere that eliminates travel! There are heaps of great venues around, but for ease of the day you really can’t go wrong with an all-in-one venue. Try for somewhere that you can have both your ceremony and reception, and possibly even getting ready/accommodation. This saves SO much time traveling between locations, you’ll feel so much more chilled, and it will definitely show in your photos.

Hire A Second Shooter

Last but not least, if your photographer offers a second shooter then you should 100% go for it (if you can). They will add so many wonderful candid moments to your final gallery. Think about the extra moments you will have covered: a camera on both partners during the ceremony, documenting both parties getting ready, candids of your guests while you’re having portraits taken. And lots of sneaky candid angles of you throughout the day.

Ms Floral: Wise advice that all future marrieds need to take on board before choosing their wedding photographer and planning the flow and logistics of their day. Thanks so much, Kitty!

About Kitty of Lily & Twine Photography: Kitty is a Hunter Valley photographer with a laid back and professional approach to documenting weddings. Lily & Twine is all about capturing the fun, genuine and candid moments, doing it all your own way, and making images as amazing as you and your unique love.