Yet another example of their intuitive designs and response to the needs of the people, M.J. Bale have introduced their new Spring/Summer line inspired by a motto the importance of which 2020 has driven home: “To live in the moment.”

The talented team told us, “The collection encourages customers to get dressed up and back in the swing of things – whatever form that takes.” It’s a fabulous concept that inspires positivity and hope and as the retail and event space begins to take small steps back toward normality, we think this design response is just the ticket.

The colours and fabrics in this campaign celebrate movement, lightness, energy and fun. And it features playful prints and vintage throwbacks that us colour-and-pattern-happy folk are swooning over.

And as always M.J. Bale are committed to doing their part for the environment, prioritising waste reduction and maximising recycling opportunities.

In addition, M.J. Bale have teamed up with not-for-profit charity AIME (Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience) to showcase designs from talented Indigenous artists 100% of profits going directly to AIME. We are loving the proactive and positive energy behind this action packed but equally stylish line. Fashion that gives back. What more could you ask for?

The new range can be viewed in full here.