Lisa & Christian

We’re set for a wander in beautiful Mount Barney today, thanks to photographer George Bowden

and very much in love (and generous with their story!) couple, Lisa and Christian. And I have to tell you, there is no way I can pick a favourite. There is something so special about the Australian landscape, and the magic beauty carries its weight, parallel to just how easy, how relaxed, and how clearly joyful this pair are together.

Although these two were lucky enough to tie the knot in late 2019 surrounded by their family and friends, before we get to the end, we have to start at the beginning. So here’s the tale of how they met, told in Lisa’s very own words. “We meet at a bar on a night out through mutual friends, it was a fun and crazy night enjoying each other’s company. We continued to see each other since the first night we met, as time went by we both fell in love with each other and realised our goals and dreams were much similar which now since five years being together we have been proud to mark off our goals list together as a couple with each other’s love and support throughout the journey.”

So what does Lisa love about her husband? It’s all about his love! “What I love about Christian is his big heart and humbleness. I love how open and understanding Christian is and always being my rock that supports and pushes me further to get to my goals and dreams.”

Mount Barney was just the kind of scenery that these two love, tells Lisa “We both love the scenery that shows off what nature has to offer, we had an idea of a background of the beautiful hinterland views however with the help of our amazing photographer George Bowden who recommends Mount Barney. This style was the perfect fit as our wedding location is also another beautiful scenery of the Gold Coast Hinterland.”

On Lisa, Christian shares “What I love about Lisa is her motivation and passion. I love how Lisa always lights up the room when she enters her contagious smile and beautiful eyes are what has had us hooked right from the start.”

These two have their fair share of memorable relationship adventures, but one of their favourites? It took place on one of the couple’s first dates, remembers Lisa. “On our second date Christian had picked me up from home to take me out for a nice romantic dinner, while we made our way in the elevator to our car Christian had stretched up and knocked the manhole in the elevator which caused the elevator to stop. We had become stuck in the lift for hours waiting for help, while we waited it became hot and stuffy. Christian himself started to panic and had sweat dripping off from him. It had come to the point where he started stripping down to his underwear, at the time Christian was so embarrassed that our second date had turned to bad luck.

Once we were rescued from the elevator looking like we had both ran a 10-mile marathon we soon ditched the fancy restaurant dinner plans and settled with a pizza and a nice view to look at. However to this day we always laugh how our second date turned out to be, and poor Christian still apologises for the event that had taken place.”