From the soft muted tones to the vibrant blue Mediterranean Sea, if you’re looking for a stunning destination wedding or picture-perfect honeymoon location, then look no further. Portofino is a beautiful Italian fishing village, known for its picturesque harbour and historical pastel coloured buildings that line the shore. Like the name, the port is lined with an array of vessels from fancy yachts to small fishing boats and old painted canoes. This gorgeous village is surrounded by mountains of trees with small coloured houses scattered throughout the hills. It looks like a tropical forest, lined with Italy’s classic stone walls, pebbly paths and rows of Vespas. If you’re after a fun-filled adventure, exceptionally beautiful views, or a relaxing vacation, you will not be disappointed with Portofino.

Images: Kir & Ira Photography

If you really want to delve into the Portofino lifestyle and live like a local, then you need to climb into the depths of the mountain and find yourself a cute little cottage away from the hustle and bustle of the village centre. Whilst climbing hundreds of steps may not be appealing at first, I guarantee you, it’ll be worth it in the end. From the high point of the mountains you’ll be able to overlook the towns views and watch the boats head in and out of the port. It’s particularly peaceful, romantic and very refreshing which would have to be some of my favourite things about this tiny little village.

Image: Kir & Ira Photography

Aside from multiple historic churches, I would highly recommend checking out the Castello Brown; a big beautiful house museum located high above the harbour. The castle is surrounded by a beautiful garden full of stunning hedges, purple coloured flowers and a whole heap of fresh greenery. Walking through the garden and along the stone steps reminded me of the ‘Secret Garden’. It’s truly so magical and surreal and this is why I adore this place so much. But the best part is yet to come, once you reach the top balcony of the castle, you have a wonderful view of the Mediterranean Sea and the Harbour below. Don’t forget to wear comfy shoes because you’ll be trekking up a whole heap of steps.

Julia Berolzheimer

Image: Julia Berolzheimer

When it comes to eating, it’s pretty easy to find a delicious place to enjoy a meal. Restaurants line the edge of the port, from pizza to seafood to tasty patisseries, to so much more. For dinner, it’s important that you make a reservation in advance as they will book out. Unfortunately, I learnt this the hard way. Instead I went to a quiet restaurant in the town centre called Ristorante da Nicola. Like the shopping and everything else in Portofino, food is also really expensive. If you’re travelling to Portofino or any small fishing village in Italy, you should always budget in a little extra cash. I guarantee you, it’s worth every cent.

Julia Berolzheimer

Images: Julia Berolzheimer

Portofino is truly a hidden gem and a place I would visit a million times over. I hope everyone gets to experience the beauty of this little fishing town from its well-admired pastel buildings, delicious food and vibrant ocean views – you’ll love it too!

Header image by Kir & Ira Photography

Ms Floral Says: Thanks so much for introducing us to this beautiful part of the world! Looks like the picture-perfect place to enjoy an Italian honeymoon.

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