4 International Cocktail Bars To Make Your Honeymoon Even Sweeter

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Mr Houndstooth

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Choosing the perfect destination for your honeymoon is one of those good problems to have.

If you’re lucky enough to have too many options to choose from, I have one word to help you make a decision: cocktails.

Sure, some people choose their honeymoon based on the beaches or the weather, but have you ever had a really good Old Fashioned?

If cocktails are enough to sway your decision-making, I’ve done the hard work for you and picked a handful of the world’s best bars to help steer your honeymoon selection – now just keep your fingers crossed for international travel.


New York, USA

Okay, this place was literally named the best bar in the world last year, so I could just end this snippet right now, but let’s dig a little deeper into what makes Dante so cool. For starters, the venue itself has been around since 1915, but don’t worry, you aren’t going to find any dust on the tables here.

This registered New York City landmark, was once a modest Italian café and now boasts world-class cocktails and modern Italian cuisine. And if you needed another reason, Dante is owned by a bunch of Aussies. Bloody ripper! Grab a Negroni and settle in. Everything old is new again at Dante. Find out more here.

Image via Dante

Connaught Bar

London, UK

When a bar uses its own gin to mix personalised martinis from a vintage drinks trolley, you know you’re onto a winner. Like Dante, Connaught Bar in Mayfair (yes, that Mayfair) will take you on a journey into the past but with a modern twist. Think old world glamour meets new age decadence. The owners say the bar evokes “English and Irish Cubist art of the 1920s, with a touch of timeless elegance”. Grab a couple of snacks, wave down the trolley and sit back and relax because your only worry now is how dirty or dry you want your martini. Find out more here.

Image via Connaught Bar

Florería Atlántico

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Okay confession time, I’m not 100% sure this translation is correct, but if it is, the description of Florería Atlántico in Argentina is all kinds of cool: “We are the ones who love wine and cocktails, the sea and fire, flowers and music, cities and their ports, the elegant secluded area and the southern region, mythical monsters and legends to discover.” That’s enough for me right there! This Argentinian bar is among the world’s best. It features, as many of the coolest bars do, a nondescript entry – a florist to be exact. Stroll through the flowers to find a gorgeous bar that is a celebration of Argentinian culture with equally worthy cocktails. The black and white art painted right onto the white walls and mood lighting is the perfect setting for your honeymoon. Cheers. Find out more here.



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Black Pearl

Melbourne, Australia

As a Melbourne local, I couldn’t round out this list without including a bar from my home town. The Black Pearl – unlike some of the other bars on this list – is almost a youngster. This funky bar in the hipster suburb of Fitzroy in Melbourne, has been around for 18 years but it’s certainly made a name for itself in a short time. It’s been a tough time for the Melbourne hospitality scene this year, so when the time comes, you best be getting down to the Black Pearl to keep this Melbourne gem alive. Pick your time right and you’ll be able to enjoy some of the finest cocktails in the world while lounging in a comfy sofa in relative peace and quiet, but if you’re more of a party couple, head down on a Saturday night to get a better taste of Melbourne’s night life. Find out more here.



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See also: The Clumsies in Athens, Greece, Atlas in Singapore and Eau de Vie in Melbourne (I couldn’t help but include another from my home town!)

Ms Floral Says: A cocktail themed honeymoon is a wonderful idea, either locally in Australia or overseas when we get the chance again! Some excellent finds here. Thanks, Mr H!

About Mr Houndstooth: I am a happily married man. I enjoy a fine whisky, a new suit and swashbuckling around town with my beautiful bride. Looking back on my wedding day always makes me smile, even though it began to rain just as I said ‘I do’.


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