Why You Should Create a Pinterest Board for Your Wedding Inspirations

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Whether you’re on the hunt for cake and décor ideas, wedding venues, floral bouquet designs or you’re trying to find your dream gown, there’s no denying how important research is for every step of the planning process. Research is an extremely useful step to ensure you’re all prepared and ready to begin with bridal shopping, whether that means jumping in store to try on some glamorous outfits or scouting out to a few venues and lavish receptions.

For newlywed couples who are just beginning their wedding journey, it can be a very daunting and overwhelming concept to start the planning process. For most, this is quite often the very first time they’ll be doing this, so knowing where to start and who to turn to for advice can be a tad challenging. Luckily for us, we are now living in a digital age where all that you need to know is just at the touch of a button. From virtual videos to bridal directories, blogs and online magazines, it’s easier now than ever to begin your research journey.

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Our best advice would be to download the world-renowned image sharing app called Pinterest. Pinterest is ultimately a social media service that is designed to enable people to share information, pictures and creations while also giving us the opportunity to save the ones we like. Pinterest is not only fantastic to get you feeling inspired but it also allows you to create folders/categories in which you can save these images into.

For brides on the hunt for their dream dress, this app has a great source of information and inspiration to get your feet off the ground. Search for what you’re after and ‘pin’ your favourite options into the corresponding folders. When reaching out to a designer or dressmaker it is always helpful to share the link to your bridal folder or to send them some of your favourite dress ideas. As a designer, we not only love to see your dress designs but all of your other bridal research, from the wedding venue, décor theme and colour palette, floral inspirations and accessory ideas etc. All of this will enable us to get a better understanding of your wedding day and it can help us significantly when designing the perfect gown for you.

Image: d’Italia

When creating a bridal Pinterest board, it’s important to ensure that you don’t overwhelm your folders with too many images and that you slowly begin to narrow down your ideas before seeking out a designer. Quite often brides will overload their Pinterest with various designs, dress shapes and ideas which can sometimes leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed. Don’t worry if this is you, you’re not the only one. In fact, it’s a common part of the research and planning process.

While Pinterest Is a brilliant platform to save all your favourite options, we would always advise to keep it limited or to stick to a relatively consistent theme. For example, if you don’t want sleeves on your custom gown then try to stray away from pinning any gowns that feature sleeves. If you’re struggling to narrow your ideas, speak to a professional designer who can guide you through this process. After all, we are here to help. Happy researching!

Ms Floral Says: Thanks so much for sharing these tips! Pinterest is SO handy when it comes to wedding planning, and it’s great to hear it helps vendors understand a couple’s likes, dislikes and overall vision for their big day too.

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