Sophie & Daniel’s Toowoomba Country Engagement

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Sophie & Daniel

“We met at our church, through Daniel’s sibling” admits today’s bride to be Sophie, of how she met her beloved Daniel. “I was friends with his brother David and we met after a night service. We became best friends almost immediately after and just under a year later, went on our first date.”

The pair, who adore the stunning light of golden hour, enlisted photography duo The Finches to join them in Toowoomba and commemorate their engagement. A stunning session during the very best, most stunning light fo the day.

Daniel wanted to make sure his proposal to Sophie was the ultimate surprise – even leading her astray a few times prior! Sophie fills us in on how he finally did it! “We became engaged on 04/01/2020. Daniel had faked a couple of proposals beforehand to keep me on my toes. We drove to Noosa with our good friends/family (Daniel’s brother and his girlfriend who is our best friend).

We had brunch and swam at the beach before taking a walk through the forest or the national park. I obviously didn’t know what was going to happen as I was wearing a watermelon party shirt and shorts haha (I looked so gross and red and sweaty with the heat). Daniel pulled me aside and said all of these beautiful things about how much he loved me and when he knew I was the one.

He then said he wanted to show me some cool socks he had bought and when he pulled up the bottom of his pants, his socks said “Marry me?” on them with a compartment for the ring. He took the ring out and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. We then had a beautiful picnic by the beach our friends set up before heading back and telling our family. It was bliss.”

One of the funnier stories for these two? It happened on their second date, says Sophie “On our second date, we decided to play mini putt putt and during the game, we decided to make it a little interesting and place a bet on if Daniel could get 3 holes-in-one or not. He ended up winning and I said he could message anyone he wanted, he decided on our best friend and my maid of honour Brooke and ended up messaging her saying how fire his new haircut (words I would never use haha) and I how I thought I was in love with him (we weren’t even official yet) etc etc. It was the most cringe thing I’ve ever read and the worst part was she believed it! I don’t know if that’s more of a reflection of her or of me haha!”

On her love for her future husband, Sophie shares “I love Daniel’s heart for God, his kindness and selflessness, his generosity, patience, faithfulness, discipline and the way he loves me. I also love his forgiving heart, he’s quick to forgive and to ask for forgiveness.”

On what he loves about Sophie, Daniel says “Just a few of the key qualities I love about Sophie are her forgiving nature, kindness – she’s very kind, she’s selfless, encouraging and affirming, understanding, respectful and generous.”


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