To Bouquet Or Not To Bouquet? That Is The Question

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Does the thought of being the centre of attention on your wedding day make you a little bit clammy? Why not make current wedding restrictions work in your favour, skip the massive guest list completely, and plan a micro wedding or elopement!

Having an elopement or micro wedding means you can make the day as simple or elaborate as you dream, following whatever traditions you love, and leaving the ones you don’t. Your love deserves to be wholeheartedly honoured and celebrated, regardless of the size wedding you have, and this is especially true when it comes to wedding day florals!

My advice? Keep it simple, and make the day yours!

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The rules are there aren’t any

Is it really a wedding if the bride doesn’t have a bouquet? It sure can be!

Instead of a bouquet, why not crown your head with an ornate flower halo? That way, you free up your hands — goodness knows you’ll want to hold your honey’s hands all day anyway!

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Avoid an enormous bunch

Still have your heart set on having a bouquet, lovely? Consider keeping it compact — depending on your location and guest count, you may be stuck lugging a heavy bouquet up a hill, without a bridesmaid to share the load! {That being said though, grooms holding bouquets make for the best photos!}

Choose a vibe or colour palette, instead of specific flowers

This will help your florist be flexible to choose the best available quality florals {local produce is positively BLOOMING right now!}, and will give them plenty of creative freedom to make something truly unique and beautiful for you.

Image: Smokey Oscar

You’re still allowed to have ceremony florals

Did you see the ah-may-zing entrance florals Princess Beatrice had for her micro wedding back in July? Of course you did, we all did! Mayyybe going *that* extra isn’t quite in the vision {or the budget!} but don’t be afraid to go a bit extra with your ceremony florals! The space where two souls are joined is sacred, and florals are the perfect way of elevating and celebrating that moment.

Think about your ceremony location, and work your florals in with what’s already there — an arch in a garden, suspended on a tree branch, a garland woven on a church altar.

Whatever you choose, ask your florist to make it easy to dismantle, so you can take your florals home and enjoy them, as you settle into newly-married bliss.

Image: Oh Hello Petal

Ms Floral Says: I love that the ‘you do you’ attitude extends to all parts of the wedding (or elopement). These are some great reminders!

About Oh Hello Petal: Ione Faragher from Oh Hello Petal loves to bring beauty and meaning to celebrations that honour all seasons of life and love. With a strong creative sense guided by intuition, and an emphasis on local and ethically sourced florals, Ione will guide and cheer you on, celebrating you in such a way that helps you feel seen, worthy and loved.

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