In the last year the way we live, work and enjoy ourselves has completely changed, but those who had weddings booked in have faced a particularly daunting challenge. How to plan among shifting restrictions? Where to have a wedding, who to invite and how far out to lock it in? In the face of uncertainty, many have pushed their weddings to next year, while others have opted for smaller and more intimate celebrations, even eloping to tie the knot. For those that have gone this route (kudos on the bravery!) we thought we’d piece together some tips on how to dress for elopement in style.


There’s something to be said for those who say, “We’re getting married in private so it won’t matter too much what I wear!” Opt for a tux in black, navy or cream, and have fun with the details – satin lapels, bow tie and waistcoat. Whether there are guests or not, it’s still the biggest day of both of your lives, and your outfit should reflect that (you want to make sure you’re looking like perfection in those photos). Or, if a tux is taking it too far, design a classic navy two-button suit from one of our 100% Australian Merino wool, paired with a cotton cutaway collar shirt and silk or wool tie. Regardless of what you choose, the style guide should be effortlessly timeless and the suit should be versatile, so that you can reach into your closet for many years into the future and know you’ve got a practical, well-designed and perfectly fitted garment on call.

Smart Casual

This is the sweet spot most will settle on, because smart casual guarantees you’ll look appropriately dapper for your big day while offering you a few quality and versatile garments that can be worn at many other occasions. We suggest a quality pair of cotton chinos or woollen tailored trousers, paired with a crisp collared shirt and blazer crafted from wool, linen or cotton (or a blend). With the jacket, a deconstructed option with casual patch pockets and stand-out buttons will ensure it’s more versatile in the future, pairing easily with denim or more formal options. With colour, we suggest thinking about where the elopement will occur, as well as when – summery types of ceremonies would be perfect for lighter pastel shades, while a more conservative town hall or wintery affair would lend itself to dark and neutral colours.


Just because you’re not making a big deal of the wedding doesn’t mean your outfit shouldn’t be striking and perfectly fitted, regardless of how casual it is. We suggest opting for an impeccably fitted pair of chinos or woollen trousers in a timeless fabric, with a tailored shirt in a colour that emphasises your best qualities. We find a Mandarin collar shirt with a lightweight linen is popular for summery events, while a crisp Oxford shirt crafted from sturdy cotton in classic white is ideal for winter. Tuck, or untuck: it’s your wedding and it’s up to you! But make sure you invest in a quality pair of shoes, because they’ll inevitably get a lot of attention with a simple outfit. We’d recommend a pair of leather or suede loafers from a top brand.           

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Ms Floral Says: Such stunning suits! These are fantastic tips, because just like weddings, elopements come in all different styles.

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