It’s Elopement month on Polka Dot Wisdom!

Long before the virus (whose name I shall not utter) put big weddings on ice, we were already seeing a huge trend in romantic elopements and micro weddings. Because as the saying as classic as an elopement goes, “Less is often more.”

While there will always a place for Vegas chapels and Elvis impersonators, “Elopements” by definition have evolved. They are simple, stylish, intimate and powerful. Think of them as Mini weddings with huge possibilities.

But is an elopement if you don’t travel to a secret location? Is it even an elopement if it’s not a secret? These are some of your burning questions we will answer.

We’ll share expert tips about styling, what to wear, which flowers to hold, who to invite, what to eat and just where you can tie that perfectly intimate little knot. We’ve got amazing DIY ideas that save on budget but not on beauty and as always, we will feature stunning real elopements and imitate weddings to inspire those of you we know are toying with the idea…

So do it! Grab your love and your besties and run off to elope! It might not be “Viva Las Vegas” but as a wise woman with great shoes once said, “There’s no place like home.”

Follow along here for all the October Elopement features.