Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. It is the day you take a romantic oath with your partner which is so special, and it is only natural that you want to make that day memorable. Every couple wants their wedding to be a day they can gladly look back at fondly for the rest of their life. Although the current scenario puts some restrictions on how you plan your wedding, it does not stop you from having one to remember. You can still organise your dream wedding and an elopement shoot without risking your well-being or that of others.

An elopement shoot is a wedding photo shoot where the couple is photographed, exclusively, in a style that suggests they eloped rather than had a larger, more conventional wedding party. This shoot usually happens at a micro wedding where there are few guests, if any, at the ceremony. The possibility of having a picturesque elopement shoot is one of the reasons micro wedding is an exciting option right now. Here are two reasons why you should consider an elopement shoot.

It’s all about you!
Since an elopement shoot usually takes place in smaller weddings, the photographer can focus mainly on getting the best shots of the you, the couple without worrying too much about guests. The lack of a big crowd of relatives and extended family ensures you get ample camera time on your big day. This also provides the photographer a quieter and less distracting background behind the couple as opposed to a background filled with people.

It gives you a chance to live our your romantic runaway fantasies!
Two lovers, away from the humdrum of the world, looking affectionately at each other in a serene surrounding — stuff of romantic novels, right? Your photographer can create this romantic vibe of runaway lovers during an elopement photo shoot. With only a few guests to deal with, they can easily click scintillating pictures of you and your partner, showing the two lovebirds in a place isolated from the rest of the world.

Apart from elopement shoots, you can also ask your photographer to capture the entire day’s build-up to the wedding ceremony. The scenes before a wedding, when you are making arrangements and getting ready for the nuptials, show a whole different perspective of your big day. The rush of feelings on the day of the wedding, from excitement to nervousness, is a rich spectrum which deserves to be captured on cameras.

In spite of the current challenging times, you can still definitely your wedding a cherished memory. Adapting to the situation and organising a micro wedding, followed by an elopement shoot, is the best thing you can do right now. After all, neither the size of the guest list nor the grand arrangements make for a wonderful wedding, what makes it “wonderful” is being engaged in every moment of your wedding day.

Ms Floral Says: Elopements and elopement shoots are SO special and I’m glad we are celebrating them all month long across Polka Dot Bride!

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