One of the beauties of an elopement, is that it can be as simple, or as grand as you dream. And if you’re thinking that just because you’re eloping, means you have to skip out on styling, let today’s post inspire you.

One of the best parts about eloping is you can choose exactly where you want to spend your energy and budget. You can skip the bouquet and don an amazing gown, you can create an amazing backdrop and have a picnic dinner. If you want to create an elopement that is beautifully styled, then we’ve got all the ideas to bring your elopement dream to life!

Pick an epic bouquet

Flowers maketh an elopement and a beautiful bouquet is an easy element to add a little pretty to your elopement. Pick your favourite bloom and let your floral designer go wild with a stunning piece you’ll have with you all day.

Bouquet By The Wedding & Event Creators Photo by Alana Taylor Photography via Modern Springtime Wedding Inspiration

Create a fabric banner

Fabric banners are a beautiful way to add a little personal touch to your elopement. They’re easy to transport (and fun to hang in your home afterwards) and can be hung from trees, walls, gazebos, lights you name it. A banner can act as a ceremony backdrop or just a special piece of decor. personalise yours with your favourite in-joke or romantic quote.

Photo by Fennel & Fern via  Modern Boho Wedding Ideas In A Forest

Choose an amazing ceremony backdrop

Chances are with your elopement, that you’re skipping out on a big reception. So why not make the most of the key part of your day and include a glorious ceremony backdrop? From a wooden arch to a beautiful floral installation, consider really focussing on your backdrop as your elopement centrepiece.

Arbour by Confetti Party Hire Photo by Wolf & Wildflower via Australian Desert Elopement Inspiration

Read your vows from beautiful books

Your wedding vows are without a doubt the most important part of the day, so why not read them out of something beautiful instead of a plain old piece of paper? Vow books are a special way to add another magical little touch to your ceremony, and another little styling element. They make beautiful keepsakes too.

Vow booklet by Be Bold By Haylo Photo by Captured Frames via Modern Rustic Wedding Ideas

A table set for two

If you’re planning on celebrating with an amazing feast after you say “I Do”, then we recommend going all out on a beautiful table for two. Think candles, beautiful glassware and crockery, stunning flatware, a beautiful floral centrepiece. If you’re going to dine, you may as well do it in utter style!

Photo by Love Her Photography Styling by  Her Beautiful Mess via Indie Autumnal Wedding Inspiration

Don’t forget the place setting

And because you’re only got a few place settings to adorn, again, consider going all out. Layer stunning crockery gets personalised, calligraphy place cards. Add flatware in your favourite metallic hue and beautiful quality linen napkins.

Photo by Amelia Claire Fine Art Photography via Modern Ethereal Wedding Inspiration With Emerald Green & Black

Don’t forget the chairs

No need to scrimp on chairs, choose amazing beautiful chairs for the newlywed couple that you are. Grand peacock chairs? Stunning bentwoods? Make a feature of them!

Chair by Pretty Willow Hire Photo by Alannah Liddell via  Sunset Beach Elopement Inspiration

Style your dinner

We’re all onboard the fish and chips on the beach train, but if you want to make a fuss of your elopement dinner, don’t forget to pay attention to your dinner styling. Think of mixing and matching crockery pieces and glass vessels, or assign different surfaces and textures and really taking the time to make even the serving of your elopement meal special.

Opting for a grazing table or cheese board? Use beautiful surfaces – wooden boards, marble platters, beautiful cheese knives and decant each item into its own serving vessel (rather than sticking with the original plastic it comes with).

And as always, if you’re up for this but not eager to DIY, hire a pro to take care of it for you!

Photo by White Shutter Photography via  Boho Inspired Mountaintop Elopement

Choose a cake

Just because you’re eloping, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on cake! A wedding cake for two (and make sure there are leftovers, because cake!) is an easy way to add plenty of beauty to your wedding day.

Cake by Cakes By Dark Cherry Photo by Amy Skinner Photography via Old Meets New Sea Green & White Wedding Inspiration

Tell the world

Beautiful paper pieces need not be forgotten (and believe us, we’re as much a fan of the Facebook announcement as anyone) so if you’re sad about missing out on a stunning wedding invitation, why not tell the world you’re married by mail?

Stationery by Lindqvist Ink Photo by Fennel & Fern via Botanical Winter Elopement Inspiration