Without tooting our own horn, this may be the easiest way to add some super speedy sparkle to your table without breaking a sweat! There’s no shame in buying a delicious and lovely looking cake, to jazz it up at home, or for your dessert table. Glittering flags grouped together create a fun cake topper, perfect to add a little extra shimmer to your dessert.

What You Will Need:

  • Glitter tape. You could also use washi tape. Play around with different widths and colours to match your theme. Most stationery stores stock glitter tape.
  • Scissors
  • Thin kebab sticks
  • Delicious desserts!

Step 1. We said this was easy, and quick, and that’s no lie! Grab your tape and cut a few different sized lengths, approximately 5-10cm long. Wrap them securely around the kebab stick, stick together evenly and then trim to a point.

Step 2. Trim the kebab sticks to different lengths and pop them into the centre of your cake. Use one per dessert, or group together for a centrepiece effect. Adding a little sparkle has never been easier, and the best news is you can make a bunch in advance and be ready to top a glittering cake in seconds!

Ms Floral Says: Loving how easy it is to add a bit of sparkle to your special occasion and sweet treats!

About Ms Honeycomb: My heart and home in Scotland and Australia, I am a florist, flower lover, writer, baker, stylist and sew-er of lovely things, with my darling toddler forever keeping me on my toes!