If you fancy the thought of eloping, or if you love the idea of sweet snacks after making things official, this easy Krispy Kreme DIY is perfect for you. Donuts after ‘I do’? Yes please! Now, it’s a solid argument to make that an original glazed can not be improved upon. However, I would strongly argue that adding flowers will make any object much, MUCH better. So pack a little picnic box for the two of you to enjoy on your big day, filled with a floral and fun donuts that you’ve made just that little bit extra fancy. Because whether you’re eloping or not, every marriage calls for something delicious!

What You Will Need: 

  • Krispy Kreme donuts (original glazed), as many as you care to eat, no judgement here!
  • Edible flower petals – daisies, rosemary, violets, nasturtiums, cornflowers
  • Sprinkles if you care to add some extra fun!
  • Water, and ideally a pastry brush, however if eloping this is unlikely to be in your kit, so a clean utensil or finger works just as well

Step 1. Hunt and gather for your donut decorations! There are many edible flower petals that can be used, and most appear in a lot of backyard gardens. Go for colour, and smaller, more delicate petals, which will adhere easier.

Step 2. Gently prepare the flowers by pulling apart larger petals from the stamen, and by collecting smaller, more delicate flowers. Make sure everything is clean and edible! Using the glaze already on the donut as the glue, run a pastry brush with a very small amount of water on it lightly over the top of the donut. Place petals on in whatever design you choose, pressing them on lightly.

Step 3. Use the same method for sprinkles, and have fun creating individual patterns. Let the donuts dry completely before packaging them up. Pop them in a box to break out after your ceremony, or keep them for a midnight snack. Floral donuts might be the sweetest little thing to add to your day, looking good and obviously, tasting mighty good!

Ms Floral Says: Sprinkles and flowers and donuts, oh my! What a fun Krispy Kreme hack!

About Ms Honeycomb: My heart and home in Scotland and Australia, I am a florist, flower lover, writer, baker, stylist and sew-er of lovely things, with my darling toddler forever keeping me on my toes!