Ellen & Chris

There is something peaceful about the engagement session of Ellen and Chris. Set against the stunning Adelaide Hills, this shoot, captured by Wilson and Lewis Photography is not about the fuss, about posed imagery or stylised captures. Instead, it’s just Ellen and Chris, their love for one another, and capturing this very exciting chapter for them. And that? That’s just the kind of vibe we need this weekend.

Before we head into their session though, let’s look back at the story of how these two came to be. “We met through mutual friends at school (Chris was a year above me) and we would only see each other every now and then through a close friend of ours. It wasn’t until after school that we reconnected and we caught up one night after not having a whole lot to do with each other for years and it quickly became the wonderful relationship we are in now!”

The choice of the Adelaide Hills as the backdrop for this session was all about supporting local, explains Ellen. “Parts of South Australia were hit badly by bushfires at the end of last year and through the beginning of this year. It was absolutely devastating!

Our photographers, Tony & Tereza mentioned they have loved working at Anderson Hill Winery as the views are spectacular, but it also came so close to being destroyed by the fires. We were on board straight away! We had the perfect mix of the stunning vineyards, the forest next door and the scorched paddock that showed just how close Anderson Hill came to losing everything. Not only was the scenery beautiful, but it gave us all a chance to promote the area and show our support. The photos were absolutely stunning and showed the beauty and the heartbreak all in one. We couldn’t have asked for a better location or two better people to capture everything!”

On what she loves about Chris, Ellen shares “Chris has this beautiful mind that loves to soak up information, he’s constantly learning and teaching me in the process. I love how passionate he is and how supportive he is, whether it’s trying new foods or trying a new experience together, Chris has opened my eyes to so many incredible things and I know we will always have a fun and exciting life together!”

“We both love to laugh at ourselves and don’t go a day without laughing with OR at each other! We always have time to be silly, I think we’d get bored otherwise!”

A romantic weekend away in the Adelaide Hills was just the setting Chris needed to spur him on to pop the question. “Chris planned a surprise weekend away in the Adelaide Hills for our Anniversary as we both love the Hills. We got to stay in a gorgeous Cottage (102 on Strath – wonderful place & beautiful owners) and on the first night we went out to dinner at the Uraidla Hotel, as we both love their beer – and the food was amazing! Once we got back to the cottage, we cosied up in the big fluffy robes that we had been eyeing off since we arrived and Chris sat me down to tell me how much he loved and appreciated me and how happy our relationship made him and pulled out the most gorgeous ring and asked me if I would marry him. Of course, I didn’t hesitate and said yes! We couldn’t wipe the smiles off of our faces for the rest of the night – and the rest of the weekend! I wouldn’t change a single moment!”

“I love Ellen’s kindness and generosity in helping others” shares Chris on Ellen. “She is thoughtful and empathetic and always has my back when I need support. And she is so off-the-wall funny and loves to have a giggle!”