Happy Monday Dotties! The sky is blue, the birds are back!

The official week of Spring – a season of renewal and hope. Hope this year, that things are moving on from this dreadful pandemic and the havoc it has caused, hope for a brighter future, and hope that at long last our wedding industry will be able to function again. Hope that our courageous wedding vendors who have survived this crisis are ready to move forward to bigger and better futures.

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Photo one by Heart and the Sea via Cosy & Modern Winter Wedding Inspiration, Photo two & three by Alana Taylor Photography via Modern Springtime Wedding Inspiration, Photo four by Ainslee Burke Photography via Emerald Green Bush Wedding Ideas

It’s always the right time to have icecream, and adding a cute little gelato bike to your wedding day is just the ticket to add that touch of childhood wonder and an ‘ice (cream) breaker’ (excuse the pun) to allow your guests to get to know each other. Matt from The Gelato Bike has the best job – dispensing icecreams from a little cart on a bike – to add joy and laughter to an occasion where everyone wants to join in the fun. With flavours from banana, coconut and salted caramel to honey, lemon myrtle and crushed macadamia or cinnamon, rhubarb and ginger jam (and many more) all gelatos are freshly made made locally in Kiama each week by The Pines. As Matt says “Everybody know gelato tastes better when it comes out of a bike!”

We asked Matt of The Gelato Bike five questions in five minutes:

Weddings are the best to work on because….
It’s one of the rare times you get to be surrounded by people all having a great time! There is nothing better than scooping gelato for a newly married couple & their guests.

What is something people would be surprised to know about your job or something that challenges you about your job?
The most challenging thing by far is having chest freezers full of gelato in our house at all times. It’s takes every bit of will-power to not get stuck into it for dessert each night!

What is it about the creative process that you most enjoy?
We are always thankful to work along side amazing stylists and florists that can spruce up our bike. We have a range of umbrellas so our clients can make sure they pick one that will suit their theme.

What are you hilariously bad at?
Spelling. I have to triple check every menu board I make before it goes out with our bikes.

When you were small what did you dream of being and where have those dreams taken you?
I wanted to be a builder & a movie director. Working with The Gelato Bike & The Wedding & Event Creators I actually get a chance to do both. Creating content for online and building everything from tables to wedding arches I’m definitely kept busy.


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