As with every day this month, The Sparkle Issue is a well-needed dose of happy, and today we’re adding a little, or a lot, of sparkle to your big day attire with our roundup of the best sparkliest jackets for your wedding. We’ve got tinsel, we’ve got glitter, we’ve got sequins and everything in between. Which one is your favourite?

Unicorn Tinsel Jacket from

Rainbow Tinsel Jacket From Rachel Burke 

Metallic Gold Tinsel Jacket from

Tassel Sequin Jacket from

Customised Sequin Trophy Jacket from Isolated Heroes

Goddess & Gods Gold Feathers of Royal Bird Sequin Kimono from

P.A.R.O.S.H Gummy Sequin jacket from Farfetch

Fuchsia Tinsel Fringe Crop Jacket from

Rainbow Tinsel Jacket From

Fawn Fringe Tinsel jacket from Alice & Olivia

Sequin Fringe Jacket from ASOS Design

Party Crash Multi-coloured Fringe Jacket From Nastygal

Green Sparkle Party Bomber Jacket from Doof Store

The Rainbow Technicolour Dream Coat from Wild Thing

Pink Holographic Sequin Jacket From Wild Like Us

Lowell Sequin Bomber Jacket from Valley Girl

Rainbow Cascade Tinsel Jacket from Bottleblonde Studio

Sparkly Iridescent Pink Sequin Bomber Jacket from Weddingstar

Technicolour Dream Coast – The Second by Calamity Tash

Ignite Pink Sequin Jacket from Little Party Dress

Gold Fringe Jacket From

Galvan Stardust Sequin Fringe Jacket from MyTheresa

Tinsel Jacket from Glitter Is A Neutral

Golden Girl Tinsel Jacket From Fringe + Co

Skinny Suit Sequin jacket from ASOS Design

Green Metallic Gloss Tinsel Jacket from

Holographic Tinsel Fringe Crop Jacket from