Tenille & Matt

It was a lunchtime celebration for today’s blissfully happy couple. “We wanted a relaxed, casual vibe. Simple but still elegant and special” explains bride Tenille, who wanted to make sure the couple’s two children – Hudson & Isabella were very much able to be part of the day.

With the ever-talented Tess Follett behind the camera, the honouring of family continued through many of Tenille & Matt’s choices for their day – right down to their summer wedding day. The 8th of February wasn’t only Tenille & Matt’s special date, but also the date the bride’s grandparents tied the knot.

And the twinkling star of the show, of course, has to be Tenille’s amazing beaded gown, that is practically a disco ball. Just The Sparkle Issue content we need for today!

The morning festivities remain one of Tenille’s favourite parts of the day. “Getting ready in the morning at the Stones day room. With my mum, my sister, the kids, my bridesmaids – and even dad was there for a bit! It set the day up perfectly and it was so much fun. Kaela (bridesmaid) gave me a present and a heartfelt card from Matt when we were there. The tears started early!”

That sparkling gown? It’s a design by Chosen By One Day. Tenille shares “We’d been engaged for five years so I’d sussed it out early on! I went and tried it on and it was perfect. I knew it’s what I wanted to marry Matt in. I tried on other gowns but kept going back to the Kennedy gown!”

Matt and his groomsmen dressed in pieces by Peter Jacksons.  “Matt wanted an all-black suit with a bow tie – classic – just like James Bond!” laughs Tenille.

Tenille and Matt chose Stones of the Yarra Valley for their wedding day location, the bride noting ” Steve and Vonnie (owners) are family friends so it was always on the list to look at. And what a venue. You could have sun, rain, night time or daytime – the venue is just so special.”

“Perfect” by Ed Sheeran played as the bride walked down the aisle. She tells “Our son Hudson (4) and daughter Isabella (2) walked down the aisle first with my mum and my stepdad. It was a really special moment and one I’ll never forget.
Followed by my bridesmaids, my niece (flower girl) then my Dad and I. So emotional – I was glad I couldn’t see the kids walking down. I would’ve been a mess!”

Anna Bolton officiated the ceremony, of which Tenille remembers “We wanted a relaxed, casual feel, highlighting our beautiful family and our crazy busy life we lead! We wrote personal vows for each other. I was so glad we did that. It made it more intimate and personal.
Our celebrant was our neighbour and she was such a perfect fit. She knows us personally and created the fun environment we were hoping for.”

“I almost broke Matt’s finger in the ceremony, it (the ring) got stuck on his knuckle and I pushed it so hard it cracked – everyone in the front row heard” remembers Tenille.

Tenille and Matt made sure special guests were included. “Our kids were part of the whole day – which will forever be such a special memory. Matt’s Grandma also attended the wedding – at 102 years old!”

Of the pair’s chosen photographer, Tenille remarks “What can I say. She is the most incredibly talented photographer. Not to mention the most beautiful person! She went with the flow when the kids weren’t co-operating, created natural, stunning photos, and captured moments we didn’t even know she was capturing.”

“The stunning venue added to the day. It made it so special and looking back on the photos – it’s just incredible.”

This story goes to show, that there will always be little unexpected mishaps on the day, and that? It still makes the day as wonderful as you dream. Explains the bride “The strap on my dress broke in the ceremony! We had a million people trying to fix it, sew it, alter it so it didn’t slip down.
We ended up making it a halter dress, and Matt’s aunty was a seamstress so she fixed it to last the day.
Just an unlucky moment but it didn’t ruin the day! We just had to go with it”

“Keep it casual and relaxed!” advises Tenille to couples yet to tie the knot, “Make sure you can enjoy it, and if things don’t go to plan just run with it!”

Pomp and Splendour styled the fresh flowers on the day, says Tenille. “The brief was bright, different and fun. I love what they created – they are amazing women!”

Hello, beautiful wedding cake! This stunner by Miss Ladybird Cakes.

The newlyweds made sure their tiny tots had plenty of fun, explains Tenille. “We wanted the kids to be included and part of the whole day. Two very amazing girls who know the kids very well from daycare came to the wedding to make sure the kids ate, took them out to run in the vines when they were restless, but otherwise just kept an eye on them! They both still ask to go back to the wedding, claiming it was “the best day ever!”

We can’t finish this story off, without the gorgeous film captured by Ryan Lee Adams. Tenille noting “We have beautiful memories to last a lifetime because of Tess & Ryan.”

A big congratulations to the newlyweds! Thank you both and thank you to Tess Follett for sharing today’s celebration with us!