Choosing your wedding stationery can be daunting. There are so many options and tacts, styles and designs. So here are my top tips for beating overwhelm when choosing your stationery and selecting the pieces that uniquely suit you and your partner.

Invitations can all start to look the same when you’re trawling though Pinterest! Your invitations represent the first impression of your most special day, and you want to create something that reflects you both and impresses your guests.

So how do you choose something when there are so many options out there?

Tip 1: First, think about the theme or feeling that you’ll experience at your wedding. What’s your style?  Only focus on invitation styles that match this feeling, and avoid suites that while beautiful, just won’t suit you. Your stationery is the thread that brings all the elements of your wedding together, from the initial save the date cards and invitations that your guests will keep in the lead up to (and beyond) the day, through the wedding ceremony and the reception, and to your thank you cards. You want to convey that feeling in each piece.

Tip 2: Incorporate colour in the card stock. Choosing a different colour for each of your cards and envelopes is an alternative to choosing a colourful graphic on white card. The combination of three or four colours creates your signature theme and gives you a lot of flexibility when matching stationery to the rest of your wedding. Many stationers have a large range of coloured card stock and envelopes for you to choose from, and can advise what pairings will look just right.

Tip 3: Take your time. This might seem obvious, but taking a break of at least a few days and then returning to your ideas will bring fresh eyes to a decision. If you’ve saved a collection of options, resist the urge to look at them and then when you do come back, approach them with the question, “How does this make me feel?” Get your partner to do the same. It’s the feeling that your guests will feel too!  This process will help you choose that final option that speaks to you.

Tip 4: Order a sample pack. Many stationers will offer samples that allow you to feel and see the stationery in person. Be reassured at the quality, take a close look at the colours, and see what style looks best to help you make your final decision.

And remember, if you’re really stuck, trust your stationer! They do this for a living, and they have an eye for design. Let them guide you with their recommendations and you won’t be disappointed.

Ms Floral: This is such a super helpful guide for couples going through the process of choosing their wedding invitations and stationery! I think tip four (taking your time) is especially important, as is trusting your stationer. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us, Natalie.

About A Tactile Perception: A Tactile Perception offers unique stationery you won’t find anywhere else.  Natalie values quality and is dedicated to creating beautiful pieces that will delight your guests and truly reflect you as a couple.