Relaxed, with boho vibes and a killer sunset photo session, Jasmin and Liam’s wedding was just what they had hoped for. A party for their friends and family, with a lot of love and fun thrown in! O’Brien Originals and Konrad Brewski captured every detail.

Meeting online, Jasmin made the first move. She tells, ”I had all but given up finding anyone sincere, then up popped Liam, we chatted for a few weeks as he was away at the time. I asked him on the first date, because he was way too shy, or maybe I’m just way too impatient and bossy haha! I guess the rest is history!” Liam proposed with a hefty dose of Harry Potter themed fun. Jasmin remembers, ”I’m a HUGE Harry Potter fan. Always have been. So we planned a six week trip around America, Mexico and the Caribbean which would include a stop at Harry Potter world in Orlando. Liam had already got my ring nine months prior to us going there, as soon as we booked the trip. He then went on deployment and had to take the ring with him for fear of me finding it. So the ring has been to more countries than I have. Then on the day we were headed back to ‘Diagon Alley’, I was really tired and exhausted and he swore ‘just let’s have a nice picture in front of Hogwarts’ so I huffed and puffed and turned around and Liam was on one knee in front of Hogwarts and asked me to marry him! Excuse the pun, but it was so magical haha! It is a moment I will remember forever.”

Wearing a stunning white wedding dress dripping in sequins, the bride took a risk ordering online. She shares, ”I am a bit of a tomboy, so a big traditional expensive dress just wasn’t in my vision. However, I love sequins. One day I was on Asos and found one for $360 and fell in love. I thought if it looked bad, I would return it. It came in the mail the following week and I couldn’t have wished for something more suited for me. I wore some Moroccan silver earrings and wedges that were clear with a rainbow tinge throughout them. All a little left field when I write it down, but I feel it was exactly ‘me’. Liam thought he had to wear a suit and that was that. We went shopping one day and tried these smooth silky navy chinos on, a blue and white floral top and a light blue jacket. He loved the mismatched look, I loved it even more. He chose some tan boat style loafers and I ordered them all a rust coloured tie to match the bridesmaid’s dresses. Liam and the boys all looked so dapper on the day. We had the wedding party of our dreams! My five best friends including my sister, (unfortunately one couldn’t make it due to COVID), and Liam had 3 groomsmen. My bridesmaids all wore Shona Joy dresses, different styles they all could pick. I let them choose their own tan shoes and I provided some more gold earrings. They were a vision. Flawless. Everyone just looked so great together. The boys had tee’d up to wear matching sunnies too, which I thought looked good.”

Surprising the groom, Jasmin lined up alpacas for some photos. She tells, ”Liam loves them for some reason. He wants to get a few for the backyard haha! I convinced him that it wasn’t appropriate because we were having our dogs there and he agreed. Little did he know, I had organised two alpacas to be there for our first look. I’m so glad I did, even if he looked straight past me and went to them haha! It was worth it. My favourite flower is a protea, so that was the main feature. I loved them. When we had the alpacas there for photos, they started eating our bouquets, this was right before the ceremony too!”

Creating a beautiful space for their guests, Jasmin gathered items to give a Moroccan feel to the day. She tells, ”I wanted a boho Moroccan style to the wedding. Beautiful lanterns, rugs, candles and cushions. I also just wanted a place where people could relax and take beautiful photos. I’m so glad we had our girls there, that was a must. Our two dogs are our life, so they were able to walk down the aisle with my bridesmaids. They had flower collars and no doubt stole the show.”

Loving a little DIY, the bride carefully put together her dream day. She tells, ”I hired some decor, but I had also spent the previous 18 months buying beautiful pieces so I could style it how I wanted. My beautiful friends did the grazing table and dessert buffet for me. I designed the invitations and save the dates. Between the whole bridal party and some great friends, we set up all the wedding the day before and day of. I did all the signage myself too. I enjoyed doing all that, I love to get creative. My maid of honour also cooked all the canapés that came out before the main meals. She’s a queen in the kitchen.”

The ceremony was held outdoors, between grassy gardens and stunning bushland. The bride shares, ”I wanted everything to be relaxed, have humour involved and get it over quickly so we could all go party. We got legally married two days prior by one of Liam’s navy chaplains, so one of my very good friends/second mum could do all the readings a celebrant would usually do. I also liked that I didn’t have to sign anything on the day and we got to choose exactly what we wanted to be said. No special readings. Just our vows. Unfortunately, Teresa couldn’t make it to do the ceremony, so a good friend from high school stepped up to the plate and did it for us and one of my bridesmaids Lucy wrote the whole speech for him – so it was all very original and special. My dad doesn’t attend weddings or funerals. Never has and I respect that. I was ready for him to not come, and I prepared myself for that. But he came – and I’ll forever be thankful for that.” The bride walked down the aisle with her mum and brother toa cover of ‘Imagine’ by Chris Kläfford, originally by John Lennon.

Remembering exceptional moments from their boho wedding, Jasmin shares, ”I loved when the whole wedding party, photographers and videographers went and did the photos and video. We got on our little party bus and drove up to the hills. There was so much banter, singing and dancing. Our wedding party – some had never met before and we were all instantly best friends. I loved the speeches, I didn’t want big long-winded boring speeches, but our maid of honour and best man delivered them so well. It was really lovely to have one read out from Teresa who couldn’t be there. Also, my bridesmaid that couldn’t attend wore her outfit whilst she was at home in quarantine and FaceTimed my friend for the whole ceremony. When it was my turn to start walking to the ceremony, I was by myself and full of so many nerves and emotions, so I FaceTimed Teresa, who just calmed me down, gave me some words of wisdom and gave me the confidence to get out there – it was special to me because I was so devastated that her and her husband Frank couldn’t be there.”

Using two photographers, Jasmin and Liam were thorough in capturing the magic of the day! They tell, ”O’Brien Originals and Konrad Brewski did our photography. Teagan was a dream to work with. I booked her from word of mouth but mostly because I felt her vibe – that lady has a VIBE. Not many people will climb waterfalls, encourage karaoke, pop champagne bottles and keep up with some good old banter like Teagan did. I felt when I said ‘I just want to party and who cares about the formalities’ she got it. She pumped us all up, she was up for anything and just raised spirits everywhere. I couldn’t have wished for a better photographer and I’ll make an event up in the future so I can book her again. Is she a photographer? Videographer? Hype girl? Party starter? Straight up legend? I’m locking in all of the above. I think it’s fair to say you can’t have a wedding without having Teagan involved, she was a jack of all trades for me on the day. Couldn’t have chosen a bigger babe to have involved in my wedding. Konrad was the sweetest guy. I told him when it comes to photos I don’t know what to do, basically a potato standing there in a dress. He was so comforting, supportive and helpful. I felt at total ease when he was telling us how to position ourselves. He produces some incredible photos and I would recommend him to anyone and have him photograph any event in the future. Such a legend.”

With loads of favourite moments to choose from, Jasmin shares a few of her favourite er, favourites, ”I just really loved the vibe. Everyone was relaxed. Everyone got along so great, people who hadn’t met before were best friends by the end of the night. Everyone just looked so happy and to be having so much fun. Also, Liam gave an incredible speech – something I didn’t think he had in him. I also loved that Teresa and Bella who couldn’t be there had sent through a little speech to be read out at speech times. I don’t cry at anything usually, but that may have made my eyes leak a little. Facetiming lots of people that couldn’t come – it broke my heart but seeing their smiling faces and allowing them to watch what they could made my heart burst with love. That people just felt comfortable to be themselves.

No one felt awkward or left out. It was so great to see everyone just wanting to be there, be apart of the celebrations and all just wanting to have fun. That was always my outlook – forget the formalities – let’s just party. So that’s what everyone did. And I loved how all my bridal party and close friends pulled together the week leading up to it. With COVID hitting and weddings being officially cancelled the following day, it was stressful. We had to make changes and deal with a lot of stuff, they all stepped up and went above and beyond. I’ll forever be thankful for their help. They all know who they are and I have so much love and gratitude for them. The wedding may have not gone ahead of it wasn’t for the help of them.”

Knowing how she wanted the day to feel, Jasmin and Liam then had to find a location to match their festival feel. They share, ”We just had the one venue, Rothwood Homestays. I had originally taken some photos for a bucks party there a few years prior and thought this would make a magical wedding venue so when we started looking, I emailed to ask if they hosted weddings and the owner had said yes. I saw it with Liam and we fell in love straight away. I wanted one place to have both, so no time was wasted travelling in between and would take away from party time.” Recommending their magnificent vendors, they tell, ”O’Brien Originals, Konrad Brewski and Raymond from Film Co were all so incredible, down to earth and just got involved with the vibe. I would recommend them to anyone and still, do when I get the chance. Annie and Benny from Petit Point weddings went above and beyond. It was an incredibly stressful week leading up to the wedding because of COVID and events being cancelled, so they just did so much extra stuff for me that I didn’t have time to do myself. They were lifesavers.”

The evening was for partying, and so the food and dancing fit perfectly! The bride remembers, ”I never wanted a sit-down dinner and Liam and I LOVE food trucks, so it was an easy choice to have a food truck there. We chose Thai, which is my favourite and it was a hit. People still talk about it. We had cocktails available all day and night and I named them after our two dogs. There was a ‘Lolapolitan’ and a ‘Charlijito’. I can’t dance, Liam can’t dance – and I’m not about that mushy first dance where everyone looks at you. So naturally, we did the nut bush and got everyone involved. We did have our good friend teach us a dance a few weeks prior if we chose to on the night, but after a few cocktails there was no way either of us could remember the routine.”

Thank you so much to our stunning bride and groom for sharing your brilliant wedding day with us, and congratulations! Thank you also to Konrad Brewski, O’Brien Originals and Film Co for your beautiful imagery.