No truer lyrics resonate on both a metaphorical and physical level than Rihanna’s “shine bright like a diamond”. There is nothing quite like the glow and sparkle that comes from within a woman; match that magic with sequin-splendour, bedazzling bead-work, or golden-glamour eyes, and you have an Oscar-winning (fashion) performance!

Having worked with brides that, despite being natural make up kind-of-gals in their day-to-day life, they understand that with a show-stopping sequin dress, continuity was required throughout the entire look, from the dress to the accessories, and hair and makeup.

However, glitter, shimmer and gold, does not have to be limited to the more adventurous or fashion-forward person. Your makeup artist will be able to work with you to develop ideas to suit your level of “sparkle”. Making sure you feel comfortable. It is important to utilise the trial process to experiment and familiarise yourself with different makeup products that incorporate sparkle, shimmer and shine!

Here are my expert tips, advice and favourite sparkly products to include in your personal wedding look.

Image: Beck Rocchi / Makeup: Skye Isabella

Subtle Shimmer Splendour

The popular “less is more” approach to wedding makeup embodies sophistication and validates the art of restrain. You can keep with this classic principal but add a subtle touch of shimmer.

Liquid-glitter eyeshadow in pinks, champagne or gold, adds subtle charm and playfulness to the popular natural bridal story. Product placement can also determine how much impact you want to have with incorporating any glitter or shimmer makeup products. You could have the “no makeup, makeup look” and simply dab a small amount of MAC Makeup Glitter on to the eyelid, reflecting a pearl colour.

If you’re wanting a more luminous effect without the textural glitter flecks, simply use your finger of choice to pat on to the eyelid a loose metallic pigment, blending upwards towards the brow-bone. This creates a fresh warm glow, reminiscent of those summery sun-kissed days.

My favourites:

  1. Stila’s Glitter & Glow – Liquid Eyeshadow in Kitten Karma
  2. Nars Powerchrome Loose Eye Pigment in Shock ‘Em
  3. Mecca Max The Illuminati Metallic Eyeshadow in Gold Rush

Tip: Add a little extra sparkle to your look with accessories. Elegant gold earrings with a little bit of classic pearly glam. My pick is By Georgia’s Arabella Hoopies With Pearls

Image: You Rock My World / Florist: Tara Wood / Venue: Panama Dining Room / Dress: Gío Bespoke / Earrings: Christie Nicolaides / Shoes: DVF / Hair: Nathan Jeffrey / Makeup: Skye Isabella

Razzle-Dazzle Dalliance 

Explore varied levels of boldness in your sparkle story, this can be localised to just the eye makeup, or the whole makeup application – from peepers to pout!

Using a metallic eyeshadow as your base application on the eye, followed by makeup glitter over the top, creates a dramatic affect only rivalled at Studio 54!

Pair it back by removing the glitter and using a darker coloured metallic cream eyeshadow, well-blended for a softer look. Tip: try forest green, or a cool blue.

If you’re a go-bold or go-home kinda-gal, then amp-up the shimmer by contouring the cheeks with a golden-tint bronzer followed by a cream illuminator along the cheekbone, and for good-glam-measure, throw in a bold lip! More can certainly be moreish!

My favourites:

  1. NYX Cosmetics Glitter Goals Liquid Eyeshadow in Bronze With Silver Glitter
  2. By Terry Ombre Blackstar Cream Eyeshadow in No.1 Black Pearl
  3. In Your Dreams Silver Selene Chunky Face Glitter 

Tip: Add a little extra sparkle with Edenborough Evans Confetti Earrings, and matching accessories.

There you have it! Whether your brief is a sprinkle of sparkle, or disco-for-days, be true to you and your vision, and always leave a little sparkle wherever you go.

Ms Floral Says: Subtle sparkle! How great is that. I love that there are different ways to add a little glimmer to your day, depending on your style and how far you want to take the glitter!

About Skye Isabella: She is a freelance makeup artist and hairstylist based in Melbourne who boasts a stellar career in makeup since 2008. Skye has been described as a true creative, through different mediums she seeks fulfilment through creative expression. Skye delights in any opportunity to work and collaborate with others and immensely values the significant relationships she builds with each of her clients.