When considering resetting a family heirloom I always ask the client to first consider how the family or they may feel about the change long term. The last thing you would want is to regret the decision later.

Sometimes pieces are beyond repair so it makes perfect sense to remodel into something new. Styles change over time so you may also want to modernise it.

I often start the design process by asking about your style, what you like (often not even jewellery related, it may be clothing, home decor etc) as this helps you visualise what style of jewellery you will like.


Then it’s a great idea to look into design options that will fit the stones. This might include looking through a range of images to start as you narrow down the design with your jeweller.

Although you will save in the costs of stones, you still have to keep in mind that this becomes a custom made piece so there are still costs involved in that process.

The reaction you get when the piece is complete is one of my favourite parts as clients are often blown away by the transformation. Of course it is also lovely that the piece still holds the sentiment of the original piece even if it is something new.


My advice on remodelling is to work with a jeweller that makes pieces that you love the look of as it is a working relationship to get the perfect end result so if you are on the same page then I am sure you will be happy.

Ms Floral Says: This is such great advice for anyone considering remodelling a family heirloom or older piece of jewellery. Lots to consider in the process! Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Jasmine.

About Jasmine Fraser: Jasmine Fraser jewellery pieces are handcrafted on the premises, allowing clients to explore all aspects of jewellery manufacturing. With the additional gemmology and diamond grading qualifications Jasmine is able to offer one-on-one expert advice to create an original designed piece for any occasion