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One of the best parts of The Sparkle Issue is getting to look at ALL the breathtaking engagement and wedding rings, and chat to fabulous jewellers like Jasmine Fraser! Jasmine specialises in designing and creating beautiful, timeless jewellery, and her pieces are handcrafted on premises in Melbourne. Today, Jasmine lets us in into her sparkly world as we talk about her favourite materials to work with, the design process and client involvement, restoration and remodelling, plus what sets her apart from her competitors.

Where are you based?
My studio is centrally located in the heart of the Melbourne CBD.

Tell us a bit about your showroom…
The showroom is a relaxed environment with a view of the workshop. I wanted to create a space that is inviting but also allows clients to see what happens behind the scenes.

As well as a jeweller, you are a gemmologist! What does that mean?
I studied gemmology in 2002-2003. Gemmology is a science of gemstones, it helps learn to identify different gems as well as understand their properties such as hardness when considering what gemstone you might use in jewellery.

How long have you been making wedding jewellery?
I have been making jewellery since 1998 and started my own business in 2006.

What sets you apart from your competitors?
I have created a business based on personal service, I love the interaction with clients through the whole design process from an initial design through to delivering the perfect piece.

What does a typical work day look like for you?
Typical day would be starting with emails then getting onto the manufacturing as well as consulting with clients throughout the day.

What are your favourite materials and gems to work with?
I love working in Platinum, it is a beautiful metal! Gems, any gems and of course how can you not love a diamond! Love a bit of colour so it is always nice helping clients find the perfect gem that reflects their personality.

What should couples bring along when designing a ring with you?
If clients have a design in mind I always like to look at those initially and then work through the design from there. Although I am also very happy to guide clients through the process if they are not sure where to begin.

What’s the design process like?
The design process always starts with an in depth conversation around likes and dislikes, gem options and metal preferences. Then the gem hunt begins once the perfect gem is found then we start narrowing down the ring design. Once a design is in place a sketch is done just to confirm that it is exactly what they imagined before the manufacturing is started. I often also meet clients once the ring is halfway through to allow any changes before the ring is complete.

Image: By the Wilde

What have been some of your favourite designs over the past year?
There has been lots of coloured gemstone engagement rings over the past year, lots of blues, greens and teals. I have loved a lot of the simple designs that have allowed the gem to be the hero of the piece.

Are there any particular styles your clients gravitate towards?
I love to make Art Deco inspired jewellery pieces so I am fortunate enough to have clients that also love this style.

You also offer restoration and remodelling of older pieces. Are many brides and grooms opting for this service?
Over the past few years there has definitely been increase of couples using family heirloom pieces to create the perfect engagement ring. It is always nice to help design some new from something old while still having the sentimental value.

Have any special stories come out of this?
Recently I helped restore a 90 year old lovely lady’s engagement ring which she had been told could not be done. It was such a joy to be able to bring the ring back to life and knowing that it will continued to be treasured as it was for many years before.

Best testimonial you’ve ever received?
I have had clients cry of joy upon opening the box which is better than any words. I don’t always have the pleasure of witnessing that first look but when I do it always reminds we why I love what I do.

What’s the best part of your job?
Meeting clients and helping create their perfect piece.

And the most challenging aspects?
I like to give every piece the time it deserves which often means finding blocks of time to manufacture, which in a small business can often be challenging as there are many aspects to keep the business running daily.

What would you say to couples considering a handmade engagement ring or wedding band?
Weddings are expensive so budgets play a big part in all aspects but remember your wedding rings are the one thing that you will wear beyond the day and for many years to come. Investing a little more into your wedding rings is definitely not something you will regret.

Thank you Jasmine for sharing your words of wisdom, insight and beautiful work with us today! To find out more about Jasmine Fraser Jewellery, head to their website or check them out on the Polka Dot Directory.

Images courtesy of Jasmine Fraser Jewellery


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