Two that make love look so good. Dressed in a thousand sparkles, and smiling from ear to ear, Courtney and Darren decided on forever.

The couple celebrated in sophisticated style at the Sheraton Grand Hotel Sydney, surrounded by family, friends, and the promise to always cherish each other. Bright with happiness and radiating love, the room was filled with shimmering reflections of all that is to come. Dancing long into the night, and into the next chapter of their lives.

Lovereel’s videography team was there to capture what marks the first day of their forever future — and creating a memory on film to always remember.

Ms Tweed Loves: Woah. I think with everything going on at the moment and lock down here in Melbourne, that one really really got me. Absolutely beautiful. I love Courtney’s incredible smile throughout. I love how genuine her hands shaking as she places the ring on Darren’s finger is. I love that the guests applauded her down the aisle. I love how in love they are.

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