The Sparkle issue is all about inspiring you to add a little glitter, a little sequin, a little glow to your wedding day and today, we’re giving you twelve easy ways to do it. Sparkle doesn’t just have to be about the obvious (the glitter, the sequins) it can be about the way you light your wedding, the backdrop you choose, the setting. Get inspired to add a little magic in your own special way with our list of ideas!


A sequin wedding gown, sequin table linens, sequin backdrops. The flexibility with sequins, especially when you choose sequin fabrics is endless.

Photo by The Beautiful Collective via Sarah & Tim’s Ginninderry Homestead Vintage Garden Wedding


Beautiful grand chandeliers always command attention, and they’re a special touch of luxury when it comes to adding light, and of course, sparkle to your big day.

Photo by Briars Atlas via Lauren & Cam’s Sparkling Geelong Winery Wedding

City Backdrops

Sometimes the sparkle is built into the setting you choose. A city backdrop at night makes for the twinkliest wedding backdrop and one that is unforgettable.

Photo by Ricky Gestro via  Lanii & Andrew’s Intimate Perth City Rooftop Wedding


Fairylights, twinkle lights en mass make for an utterly delightful look (put them up in your living room year-round, take it from us!) and strung through trees, over tables in abundance makes for utter magic.

Photo by Cloud Catcher Studio via Ellen & Sam’s Art Deco Inspired Wedding At Gabbinbar Homestead

Disco Balls

Follow the ball of the disco ball! Disco balls at weddings need to be a thing. Not only above the dancefloor but throughout your wedding decor. Combine them with modern colours, or utterly romantic florals for something different.

 Photo by True Grace Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs

Neon Lights

Neon lights are the biggest trend out there for the past few years, but they’re a great (and easy!) way to add a little sparkle to your day. You can even personalise your sign so it’s truly unique to you!

Photo by We Are All Stardust via Monica & Ken’s Modern Perth Warehouse Wedding


The old fashioned kind of sparkle and one we had to include. Champagne for toasting, champagne towers for an eye-catching centrepiece, champagne bars, champagne carts – add a little sparkle to what you serve! There is a reason the quote Come quickly! I am drinking the stars!” said to be one of master Perignon’s, is such a classic.

Photo by Alana Taylor Photography via Modern Springtime Wedding Inspiration

Festoon Lighting

You might have guessed that we think lighting of all kinds is a pretty important thing to think about when it comes to adding sparkle to your day. Festoon lighting is a favourite of ours for a reason. It lights up your space and adds a sense of festivity in a really beautiful way. If you want your wedding to have all the sparkle, lighting can really not be an afterthought.

Photo by Amy Skinner Photography via Olivia & Hayden’s Classically Elegant Perth Waterside Wedding


Candlelight is one of the most beautiful ways to add a little sparkle to your wedding and for us, it’s a must. Candles on tabletops add for a romantic glow, at a ceremony add plenty of ambience, and dotted throughout your decor add soft, flattering twinkle like really nothing else can. How can you use candles to up your wedding day sparkle?

Photo by iZO Photography via Industrial Candlelit Wedding Inspiration


Tinsel isn’t just for Christmas. Turns out metallic tinselly elements also make for great wedding decor. Curtains of tinsel for backdrops (like the below) are an utter statement, hanging installations also suit tinsel sparkle and make a huge impact.

Photo by Charlotte Exton via Khat & Simon’s Bright & Bold Garden Wedding


There is a reason why everyone loves a sparkler exit – why not head off on your married way with it? Have your guests form an aisle as you say farewell. Best captured after dark!

Photo by Jessica Tremp of Brown Paper Parcel Photography via Anna and Murray’s Rustic Mill Wedding