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Knowing where your wedding caterer sources their produce says a lot about their approach to food.

Caterers who source locally grown or farmed seasonal fare for their menus are making a conscious decision to make a difference. When we select food that has travelled a minimal distance, with fewer preservatives, less packaging, we know that food is fresher and of better quality. Choosing locally grown or farmed ingredients produced on a smaller scale, ethically and sustainably, is choosing flavour and quality for every dish we prepare.

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There are so many advantages to selecting a caterer who sources and supports local producers. We love to champion our local producers to encourage connected communities that thrive and survive. So many of our regional communities need our support more than ever right now. Investing our ‘food dollar’ closer to home, more directly to the grower or farmer, is a deliberate show of solidarity with those who have been burdened by recent events out of their control. What and how we eat can genuinely make a big difference to our world – but more importantly, it has a powerful and lasting impact right here on our doorstep.

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Food that travels thousands of kilometres has a substantial environmental footprint and has likely taken weeks, if not months, to finally end up in front of you and your guests. When the alternative is produce that a committed caterer has sourced and received one or two days from farming, there really is no comparison! Think local garlic and salad greens harvested within an hour of your table. We love a conversation at the farm-gate – has the weather enhanced or affected this batch of goat’s cheese, or the season’s beef or pork? How the preparation and cook can be adjusted to bring out the absolute best flavour, texture, depth of the food.

Choosing local produce also means you will likely be working with someone who will put together a carefully crafted seasonal menu rather than the ‘always available’ offerings. Working with you to design a seasonal menu means we will get the very best out of every ingredient. Seasonal food is harvested at the peak of its ripeness. It is full of flavour, meaning your menu will be bigger, bolder, and more delicious. Spring celebrations with stunning freshly picked tender peas or asparagus, bright herbs, and berries. Apricots, figs, and tomatoes for a gorgeous summer ceremony or the crisp but soulful brassicas for warming in winter.

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When we ask guests what they remember most from a celebration – often their answer is ‘the food’ and how good (or not!) it was. Selecting a caterer who is committed to sourcing local and creating unique, seasonal dishes gets your guests food full of flavour and vivid colour. And it also puts your touch on these details, making sure the day reflects who you are and what you value.

Selecting a caterer who chooses local produce is a unique way to leave a wonderful lasting impression on your guests. Locally grown and farmed food won’t come to you off a shelf or in a packet, it comes to you with a story.

Image: Smith + Archer

Ms Floral Says: Thank you so much for sharing the benefits of a locally sourced wedding menu. You make some excellent points that I’m sure couples will take on board while they are wedding planning.

About Trufflepig Catering & Events: Here at Trufflepig, we love delicious flavours. We love sumptuous, elegant canapés served amidst sparkling conversation. We love big, rustic platters of food shared amongst friends & family. Our food is handmade, vibrant and full of flavour. We understand where our produce comes from and source seasonal, local, organic and free range ingredients. We can’t wait to chat to you about your next event!