Toby & Renate

Could there be a more romantic way to celebrate your anniversary with your beloved than wandering blossom-filled orchards, in beautiful attire with beautiful blooms? We think not!
With stunning photography completely caught on film by Lena Lim, our beloved couple, took to the beautiful Rayner’s Orchard for this session, Renate donning an ethereal, long sleeve gown with floral embroidery, designed by Jennifer Bowden. Her hair and makeup, romantic and soft, complete with elegant braid, by Bridget Sophie Studio

The beautiful floral bouquet and boutonniere, utterly romantic and filled with seasonal spring blooms by floral designer Basia Puchalski Floral Design added another beautiful layer to this shoot, complementing the gold and white stationery suite by Charlart Script. A hand-lettered love letter, filled with dreams and hopes for the future, an extra special touch.

Toby & Renate have been married five years, the pair first meeting while they were both studying in England, Renate tells their story. “My husband and I met at University in England, and we happen to also share student accommodation together back in those days, which was a very “efficient” way of getting to know each other before we started dating.”

“Lena reached out to me to collaborate on this gorgeous love shoot”, explains Renate. ” Being an event planner I love creating beautiful experiences for other people through parties, gatherings and weddings, and it was a great honour to be asked to help Lena recreate such a moment in front of the camera. I was originally just going to be the “bride” in this shoot, but when Lena found out that I have a gorgeous husband he got tricked into this too. He is my right hand when it comes to setting up the events for my clients, but I guess he did not expect to have “modelling” as part of his job description too.”

On what they love about one another, Renate shares “I think we both would say our strong partnership in everything. From work to play and everything in-between. He is also my best friend, which in itself is another level of love on top of marriage.”