Elopements, micro-weddings – it’s all going to be on for the rest of the year as we adjust to what getting married looks like with restrictions imposed. It is with this, that today’s editorial comes about. And let’s be honest, when sequin pants are involved?

This was a shoot that showed off the new collab between Newcastle vendors – bar venue Uptowns, celebrants Wed By Kez & Monty King and photographer Little Black Bow Photography. Their plan was to bring urban elopements to life in their brand new venture Elope Underground. In their words, this shoot “Embraced the Newcastle alleyways, the scent of coffee mixed with the retro nightclub feels of Uptowns Bar, the style is modern urban.”

But that modern urban style isn’t what drew us to share this one with you today. What we want to show you, want to share, is that an elopement can look like whatever you want it to be, You can wear sneakers and sequins, you can wear your favourite sunnies, you can ignore wearing white and black and add colour, you can drink cocktails all night long, dance to Mariah and smooch in dark corners. Eloping, is at its very core, pledging just to each other. And in this time, where everything is upside down, and with the addition of sparkly pants, it’s the reminder we all need.