There’s a place just west of the Great Dividing Range that would love to host your wedding. Actually, no, there are MANY of places west of the divide that would love to host your wedding. And an equal number of vendors eager to make your dreams a reality. ELOPE! And go west to do it.

There’s been a great surge in interest towards elopements as the COVID-19 pandemic has ripped a huge hole in many wedding plans. With great uncertainty and ever changing rules/restrictions, it is becoming increasingly stressful to navigate these times. If you planned to have your wedding in 2020, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that you’re stressed. I’m sorry that you finally settled on a plan and COVID shat on it. I’m sorry that you don’t know WHEN you’ll be able to have your big day. If you’re reading this and you live in the city and your venue is indefinitely closed, you can’t get your deposit back and you’re desperate to just tie that damn knot… I’m sorry. BUT, I do have a solution. Your BIG day may be on hold but you may be able to say ‘I Do’ on a small scale. ELOPE OUT WEST! Are you with me?

The photographs in this feature give you an example of a great elopement shoot we helped curate in Dubbo, NSW. We set the scene for the ceremony amongst the greenery beneath some old gum trees on the banks of the river just outside the CBD of Dubbo. Two simple geometric stands adorned with dried flowers from Denise’s Flower Studio formed the arbour. The ceremony set up was complete. Literally just two stands, a celebrant and groom waiting between them and a gorgeous barefoot bride strutted towards the “alter”.

After the ceremony the couple built a champagne tower using the old dish style champagne glasses from Adors Hire in Dubbo and cracked open a few bottles of Twinkle Toes bubbles from Mudgee wine makers Burnbrae. Because this was an intimate eight guest wedding, the party could begin right then and there. The party moved down to a dried section of river bed where a single table was set up and styled by The Rural Bride and Adors Hire. The geometric stands from the ceremony were moved down and reused as decoration and as a table for the cake made by Cakes by Amy Rutherford. In a matter of 45 minutes, the classic wedding elements were ticked off. The party was in a secluded area, a free zone, so sure, anyone could have gate crashed the party but why would they? There was plenty of space for everyone that the wedding could continue undisturbed.

Here are some pros of having an elopement style wedding out west:

1. There’s plenty of space so you can adhere to the square metre rules… whatever they may actually be (who knows these days?)

2. We have less demand for our goods and services so it’s likely we’re available on your date of choice. But we’re also good people and if we’re not available we will generally point you in the direction of someone who is.

3. We need your business. For many vendors west of the divide, drought has royally messed up our bottom line with many country couples who would typically have HUGE weddings deciding to pull the pin due to lack of income. So we are keen for your business!

4. By choosing “west” as your destination you can take comfort in knowing you have contributed to the revitalisation of our small communities. Ten guests may not feel like much but those 10 people need to eat, find somewhere to stay, fill their cars etc. and that spending all helps.

5. You’d be considered pretty cool by all your mates. Haha!

It seems like a lot to consider. Our region, Dubbo and its surrounds has MANY cool locations for an intimate wedding whether they’re listed online as an event venue or just a barely heard of AirBnB or café.

If you think you’d like to explore what’s on offer in our region, you can take a look at The Dusty Reception. If you want some bespoke suggestions please send me, The Rural Bride, an email or direct message on Instagram. I’d be happy to help you wed out west.

Ms Floral Says Thanks for sharing this with us, Georgie! You definitely make a persuasive argument for marrying out west. I’m sure it will encourage lots of brides and grooms to tie the knot in your beautiful region, and fingers crossed this gets businesses booming again!

About The Rural Bride: The Rural Bride is all about delivering you your dream wedding day in a rural setting. We believe that the best weddings are country weddings and the best brides are rural brides. See our Instagram or website to stalk through our hire items and coordination services.