You know how much we love, adore and shout from the rooftops when we get to feature an amazing Australian designer, and today’s not only comes to you from Melbourne’s Collingwood but can also be found in Paris!

Aleem Yusuf has held much acclaim for his couture designs on Parisian runways. His creations beautifully layered with curated adornments and fabrics, no stranger to high fashion. And now? He’s turning his attention to walking down the aisle with the release of his bridal capsule collection.
And of the inspiration? It was because of this, that the capsule collection came to be named “Dancing In The Sunlight”. The team sharing “Dancing in the sunlight she is exploring new paths that life is opening up for her. Intrigued and mesmerised she is moving forward, navigating the challenges that life is throwing her way. She continues on the journey towards her destiny. Then she realises, she is destiny.”

This is a collection that is stunningly designed, there are dramatic cuts, sweeping grand trains, beautiful organzas and crystal tulles that have been hand-cut, gowns with corsetry, gowns with textured appliqués that sit like floral petals, skirts with dramatic layers upon layer, long lace sleeves and sparkling beading.  It is, as the designer muses “Encapsulating the feelings of dancing in the sunlight while navigating the challenges of life, each piece is an expression of beauty that is within.”

The Aleem Yusuf collection is available via appointment or via the online store. Contact the team via the website,