If you value the health of our planet and consider yourself ethically conscious (who doesn’t?!), then reflecting this in your wedding vision is super important. Luckily for you, there are SO MANY ways to do this. From hiring tableware and furniture rather than buying new, sourcing styling pieces from op shops and garage sales, opting for native in-season flowers and asking your guests to donate to a charity rather than gifting, it’s so easy to reduce your impact on the earth. But another thing you should definitely consider, if you’re opting for a wedding that reflects your values, is buying a vintage or secondhand wedding dress. I’m here to make the case for this.

There are so many reasons why you should consider opting for pre-owned or vintage bridalwear, so I’ve broken them down for you:

1. Ethics
The average consumer throws away close to 32 kilograms of clothing every. Thirteen million tonnes of textile waste is produced globally each year (to equate this to a figure we might better understand, that’s about the same weight as 100,000 blue whales). Why purchase something new and add to this huge waste problem, when you could purchase something that already exists and has so much life left in it?

2. It’s Cheaper
You’re a lot less likely to break the bank on vintage bridal, because in most cases it’s much cheaper than modern couture. And yet, vintage bridal wear was often handmade and made to last a lot longer than any clothing made these days. You can also choose something a little less obvious and less traditional (can we all agree that white is impractical please?), that doesn’t look so “wedding-y” and can be worn many times after your wedding.

3. It’s Completely Unique
This one is probably my favourite reason because self expression through fashion is so much fun. We’re all unique and I think the way we dress to reflect this is super important, especially on your wedding day. NOBODY ELSE is going to have the same wedding dress as you if you purchase vintage. You’re not one of the five types of wedding dresses they’re selling at the bridal store, you’re your own person and your wedding dress should feel fully you. It’s hard to find that in the limited range of “on trend” bridal wear on the market right now.

4. It’s Timeless
Unlike new, off-the-rack wedding dresses which tend to date very quickly, vintage bridal wear isn’t defined by trends and so in many ways it’s kind of timeless. It never tried to fit into the current era like all the other dresses on the market, so it’s never going to go out of style because it wasn’t worried about being in style in the first place.

In summary, I think every bride should consider giving vintage bridal wear a chance. If you’re looking for where to start your search, my lovely friend Kate collects incredible vintage and has the best range of vintage bridal ever! Each piece is one off and full of character, with its own story to tell and life lived. She sells them through her vintage store Sunny Days Vintage, and these photos are from a shoot I worked on with her back in the spring to showcase her stunning range.

Ms Floral Says: You are so right, Em! Thanks for making the case for vintage with such stunning examples.

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